Sangfor Technologies Discussed Cyberthreat Landscape at IndoSec 2020


Sangfor Technologies Discussed Cyberthreat Landscape at IndoSec 2020

Sangfor is proud to announce their participation in this year’s IndoSec Summit which took place on the August 25th-26th, which is the largest virtual Cybersecurity Conference in Indonesia. Sangfor Director of International Product Marketing, Guy Rosefelt, joined the summit on Aug 25th to discuss “How COVID-19 Changed the Cyberthreat Landscape” in a presentation covering how cyber security is implemented post-COVID, how COVID has inspired new and changing cyberthreat, and what we can do to protect our IT investment in the midst of the ongoing pandemic.


Sangfor Webinar: How to Effectively Detect & Prevent Insider Threats

Sangfor is pleased to announce the launch of its new Security Weekly Webinar Series designed to educate current & new customers about the Latest Trends in Cyber Security and its Best Practices. This is a new and exciting series you cannot miss so stay tuned for more information! Join us in the upcoming webinar "How to Effectively Detect & Prevent Insider Threats" at 16:00 PM (HKT) on 01 September 2020 !


Sangfor Health Check: Get Your Free Network Security Assessment

Are you sure that your organization is fully protected by your existing Firewall, UTM or IPS? Many unseen security vulnerabilities can lead the way to further infections or attacks, resulting in a financial loss & reputation damage. That is why it is important to ensure that your organization’s network is protected against these emerging, new and future threats. Get your FREE network security assessment now to see if your network is secure enough before anything happens!


Sangfor Technologies Recognized in the Gartner “Hype Cycle for Smart City and Sustainability in China, 2020”

Sangfor Technologies, a leading vendor specializing in enterprise-level security, cloud computing and IT infrastructure solutions, is proud to announce Gartner’s recent recognition of Sangfor Technologies in cybersecurity category in their most recent, 31th July report detailing, "Hype Cycle for Smart City and Sustainability in China, 2020".


Hyper-Converged Infrastructure: More Dynamic Functionality & Less Painful OPEX

COVID-19 has changed almost everything about the way we shop, interact, travel and do business, with many previously solid businesses being shown the door and just as many markets shooting to the stratosphere. Hyper-converged infrastructure, or HCI, is increasingly seen as a viable alternative to public cloud, with a record number of businesses globally migrating their IT infrastructure to cloud to take advantage of its high degree of flexibility.


How Much Will a Data Breach Cost You? IBM & Ponemon Report

The dangers of a network security breach are scaring IT professionals the world over with unsettling facts and figures, and devastating impact at every turn - but how much does a data breach really cost? The cost of a data breach depends significantly on many factors including the size and CAPEX of the business, the type or source of the attack, the speed of security and remediation methods and even the geographic location of the victim.


Lack of Cyber Security Personnel Makes Incident Response a Struggle

In 2018 the average digital ransom demanded per incident was $4000, with a steady rise to $8000 in 2020. This is far from the only cost. The downtime caused by ransomware, as we've seen recently with Garmin and Travelex, costs an average of almost $300K per incident. With hiring freezes and a global shortage of cybersecurity personnel capable of responding to increasingly sophisticated threats, where should organizations look for their much-needed incident response (IR) services?



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