On March 17, 2021, the opening ceremony of the College of Network Security and Artificial Intelligence Industry of Shantou University (STU) was held in the administration building of Shantou University.

The Opening Ceremony

Guo Pengcheng, deputy director of Shantou Bureau of Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Huang Wenbo, deputy director of Shantou Science and Technology Bureau, Lin Chun, director of Shantou High-tech Zone Investment Promotion Bureau, and Yao Hongchao, section chief of Shantou Industry and Information Technology Bureau, attended the opening ceremony. STU’s leaders were excited about the establishment of the Network Security and Artificial Intelligence Industry program, and promise to fully support the construction and development of the college in the future.

Huang Jingxia, STU’s deputy director of the Educational Administration Office, presided over the opening ceremony, with Chen Min, Vice President of Shantou University, and Li Yang, 

President of Sangfor Industry University led the meeting.  
stu2Chen Min, Vice President of Shantou University

Chen Min, vice president of Shantou University, said  “ The cooperation between STU and Sangfor are sustainable, and we believe that this type of school-enterprise cooperation can provide a deeper and wider range of education. We will actively respond to the  call tocombine industry and education to cultivate talent, realize the connection of internal and external educational resources , transform society's high-quality resources into education resources, jointly cultivate more outstanding talents, and promote the development of the industry.
stu3Li Yang, President of Sangfor Industrial University

Li Yang, president of Sangfor Industry University, said  “Sangfor Industry University is an effective supplement to traditional academic education, and is committed to cultivating outstanding talent and the development of a national IT industry. Our focus of colleges and universities lies in the cultivation of basic abilities and qualities, including the ability to analyze and solve problems, and lifelong learning capabilities. Companies will play a greater role in providing practical knowledge and skills in the future, and Sangfor is one of the frontier companies in the domestic security and cloud computing industry. We should repay society, and the best way is to invest in education and scientific research.”

The two parties jointly established the "Network Security and Artificial Intelligence Industry College," to develop information security, cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence professional personnel, and jointly build a leading training base. The two parties will continue to cooperate to:

  • Build a successful foundation, association, and expansion, and work together to build a first-class professional group.
  • Work together to design innovative plans, cultivate innovation teams, integrate and optimize resource allocation, and explore new technologies,  new services, and product innovation.
  • Jointly cooperate in the research of cloud computing, big data, and cyberspace security.
  • Work together to build next-generation internet information technology laboratory-National Engineering Research Center.

Jointly develop smart campus cooperation.

In the future, the two parties will make the most of  school-enterprise cooperation resources, promote collaborative innovation in production, learning, research, and training, leverage the respective strengths of both parties, and carry out professional talent training focused on information security, cloud computing, and big data areas. STU and Sangfor will jointly build a leading training base, work closely on talent cultivation, teacher training, scientific research innovation, and project research.  They will also guide and encourage students to participate in competitions, internship training, innovation, and entrepreneurship. 

Who is Shantou University? 

Shantou University (STU) was founded in 1981 and is a key comprehensive university in the Guangdong province. STU has the best Guangdong-based provincial laboratory of digital signals and image processing technology, and a group of information security and artificial intelligence research platforms, like the Guangdong provincial digital content management engineering technology research center and the institute of modern Network Technology and Information Security.

What is Sangfor Industrial University? 

Sangfor Industrial University’s science and technology talent training strategy is known for high-quality talent training in the field of network security and cloud computing. In the future, Sangfor will work closely with schools, enterprises, and industry organizations to promote industry-university cooperation with the education industry to cultivate talent, improve talent training systems in the field of network security and cloud computing, create a community of industry and education which will encourage more talent to enter the industry.

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