We all love a good conference. A well run conference is organized, has interesting hosts and ideally, good food. A dramatic shift in our ability to travel has put the kibosh on most of the worlds conferences, overnight. Conferences are how a company showcases themselves to the world. Some choose to go the conservative route, and some companies spring for lavish weekends away with massages, prizes and games, and even celebrities. How are they showcasing themselves now? Virtual Conferences. And most are finding that the virtual conferences are far beneficial for all involved.

Cost tops the list of benefits - as we all expected. Not only does it eliminate the costs of travel and housing for large groups of people, it eliminates the cost incurred as a result of every conference. You all know what it is. We go out casually. We eat out at least once and maybe order room service. It’s part of what makes conferences feel so much like a vacation.

Time is another benefit to the virtual conference. Time dedicated to travel and after-work activities, not to mention reducing the amount of time the company employees would be away from their jobs. Many simply prefer not to travel, no matter the benefits.

Perhaps the most underrated benefit is the ability to see ALL sessions associated with a conference! You will never need to make a choice about what presentation to miss with a packed crowd between you and your presentation of choice. Sit in on all the sessions you want in real-time and see those you missed as recordings later - all from the comfort of your home or office.

When travel started to be suspended in the early days of the pandemic, companies like Sangfor Technologies started planning ahead. Roadshows and conferences were put on hold immediately to ensure the safety of our employees, customers and partners and anyone they might come in contact with - but so much of what we were about was meeting people and connecting. Connection is our business! The Sangfor Virtual Conference was put together almost immediately, and is meeting for the second time since the COVID-19 pandemic cancelled all our fun travel plans.

Sangfor’s Virtual Innovation Summit 2020 is a yearly event where we come together in "Building the Pillars of Enterprise IT Innovation", in a cutting-edge, virtual space. Sangfor customers and partners from across the globe will meet, in the midst the COVID-19 pandemic, in a safe and secure digital environment, to learn and network with C-level IT industry executives and leaders and our peers from across the world.

Register HERE and join Sangfor experts in presentations and discussion of the most cutting-edge security, cloud and infrastructure optimization solutions, as we innovate together, to make IT simpler, more secure and valuable.


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