Neural-X Innovation

Neural-X is at the center of a sophisticated web of Sangfor-developed network security elements. As a cloud-based intelligence and analytics platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Neural-X powers and expands security detection capabilities for Sangfor's network, endpoint, and security-as-a-service offerings.

Neural-X Overview

Neural-X Components

Advantages of Neural-X

Neural-X strengthens the security capability withinof Sangfor’s security solutions. It allows customers to implement proactive protection methods against both known and unknown malware, improve the detection rate and discover previously unknown C&C servers and compromised machines.


Sangfor Neural-X is a full-feature threat intelligence platform that integrates seamlessly with Sangfor’s entire range of security solutions. The constant evolution of adversary tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) means that security protection can quickly become obsolete. Neural-X aggregates, correlates and analyzes real-time threat intelligence from multiple sources to ensure the protection of our security solutions are always up-to-date. Additional components like deep learning, botnet detection, sandboxing and AI-powered malware analysis enable Neural-X to detect and defend against even the most evasive and unknown threats. By bringing together some of Sangfor’s best innovations into a consolidated platform, users can rest assured knowing that every corner of their entire IT environment, from perimeter to network to endpoints, enjoys an unprecedented level of security

How do I get Neural-X?

Neural-X is a core underlining intelligence and analytic capability that powers most of Sangfor’s network security, endpoint security and security-as-a-service solutions. It is an add-on capability, not sold separately.

Block every step in a cyber attack with an extensive security solution like Neural-X.