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At Sangfor, our commitment to an AI-first strategy has led to the creation of Security GPT. This groundbreaking innovation merges Generative AI with advanced cybersecurity to enhance detection accuracy and operational efficiency. It speeds up investigation, enables proactive threat hunting, and streamlines incident responses through simple chat-based interactions.

Developed over eight years and trained on extensive security data, Security GPT navigates complex cyber threats with exceptional precision. It harnesses data from over 20,000 real-world devices, constantly learning and evolving to stay at the forefront of security detection and investigation.

See How Security GPT Is Integrated With Omni-Command
See How Security GPT Is Integrated With Omni-Command

Security Operation GPT Key Capabilities

Assisted Operation GPT

Interactive Support:

Assisted Operation GPT functions like a sophisticated chatbot, allowing users to ask questions in natural language and receive detailed responses. This helps SecOps teams quickly access essential information, such as a rundown of the top five security incidents of the week.

AI-Driven Data Analysis:

Assisted Operations GPT acts as an on-demand cyber analyst ready to process and analyze data. This functionality simplifies decision-making processes and boosts the efficiency of threat responses.

Comprehensive Security Knowledge:

Security GPT offers clear and in-depth explanations of security concepts that surpass conventional online searches. It serves as an expert cybersecurity mentor, enhancing team comprehension and preparedness against cyber threats.

Auto Operation GPT

Autonomous Investigation and Analysis:

Auto Operation GPT fully automates the investigation and analysis of security alerts. It meticulously assesses each alert, explains why it is classified as a security incident, and evaluates its potential impact.

Expert-Level Logic and Decision-Making:

It uses advanced logic to assess incidents, make informed judgments, and provide recommendations, reducing the need for multiple interactions and streamlining decision-making.

Proactive Response Actions:

This feature can autonomously initiate response actions to prevent breaches outright or mitigate damage, protecting critical data and maintaining system integrity.

Key Benefits of Security GPT

99% Threat Detection Accuracy

99% Threat Detection Accuracy

Security GPT boasts an impressive 99% accuracy in detecting advanced threats, such as zero-day attacks, APTs, and ransomware. This is achieved within just 5 minutes thanks to the integration of AI and behavioral analytics. This high level of precision enables swift responses to ensure minimal impact from security incidents.

90% Decrease in Alert Volume

90% Decrease in Alert Volume

Security GPT intelligently correlates and analyzes data from various sources—networks, endpoints, and third-party security tools. This holistic approach reduces false positives by 90%, transforming vast alerts into single, contextualized, and actionable incidents. This not only enhances security operations efficiency but also allows security personnel to focus on truly critical threats.

90% Faster Investigation Time

90% Faster Investigation Time

Security GPT reduces investigation times by 90%, simplifying and speeding up the process. With its fully autonomous capability, it conducts thorough investigations and analyses of security alerts. Analysts can interact using natural language, transforming hours of work into minutes. This efficiency allows security teams to respond to incidents quickly and effectively.

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