Ransomware Solution Overview

The Severity of the Ransomware Threat

Ransomware is the fastest growing cyber threat today. Where national governments and large enterprises were once primary targets, now local governments and smaller organizations have become targets, with average ransoms reaching over US$40K.

Anti-ransomware tools, ransomware prevention solutions, and cybersecurity services are high in demand as governments and companies are determined to extinguish any further threats and attacks without suffering any financial losses or losing pivotal information and data. The need for cybersecurity and anti-ransomware solutions is only going to grow, especially when considering that the financial damage from cybercrime is expected to hit $6 trillion this year, marking a two-fold increase from $3 trillion in 2015.

Experts have estimated that a ransomware attack will happen every 11 seconds in 2021, making stringent ransomware prevention measures and solutions crucial. This is where Sangfor’s Security Solution for Ransomware enters the fray and provides a revolutionary approach to identifying and preventing all aspects of the Ransomware Kill Chain.

The Only Total Solution to Stop Ransomware

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Ransomware is malware designed to make your data unavailable until a ransom is paid to unlock the data. It consists of a specific sequence of events called a “Kill Chain,” whereby it infects, encrypts, and spreads. However, security point products alone cannot effectively impact or stop the Ransomware Kill Chain. The gaps between the point product spheres of influence make it easy for ransomware to breach and infect successfully. Organizations have been lulled into a false sense of security with network firewalls, email gateways, and anti-virus/anti-malware solutions, but WannaCry proved them wrong by infecting 200,000 systems across 150 countries in only 4 days. A more holistic anti-ransomware solution is needed to completely break the cycle. The Sangfor Security Solution for Ransomware provides an innovative strategy that successfully mitigates ransomware attacks by breaking every step in the Kill Chain.

Stage 1: Detect & Block Malware and Ransomware Infection

Sangfor Engine Zero is a new approach to malware identification and blocking. It uses a multi-stage AI analysis engine with a 99.65% detection rate. Engine Zero is built into Sangfor NGAF - The Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) with Endpoint Security to identify malicious files at both the network level and endpoints. Anything that the on-premise capabilities cannot analyze is automatically sent to the cloud-based Neural-X sandbox.

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Stage 2: Detect & Block C&C Communications

Next generation anti-virus (NGAV) and anti-malware cannot identify direct malware command & control (C&C) communications. Firewalls can track communications to potential C&C servers, but they cannot verify if the communications are valid or malicious. Sangfor NGAF with Endpoint Secure not only validates malicious C&C communications but can query the endpoints to conduct a self-scan to search for infections, making it an effective anti-ransomware tool. If an infection is found, NGAF will terminate all communications outbound to C&C servers.

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Stage 3: Detect & Block Exploitation

Endpoint Secure is a potent ransomware prevention solution as it installs advanced ransomware honeypot technology to quickly identify and kill file encryption processes before major damage is done. The ransomware honeypot installs bait files in the directories most likely to be encrypted first. Once a bait file is touched by an encryption process, Endpoint Secure can immediately kill the encryption process and identify the (normally hidden) controlling file. A hash signature is created for the controlling file and is sent to NGAF to query all other endpoints for the malware file. If found, the administrator can delete all instances of the file across the network with a single click.

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Stage 4: Detect & Block Propagation

Without an anti-ransomware solution, malware will spread to other vulnerable systems quickly, sometimes within only a few minutes. NGAF with Endpoint Secure can quickly isolate infected systems from the network to prevent this from happening. In some cases, the infected system may need to be operational for business requirements and cannot be isolated. Sangfor’s NGAF can identify unusual or unauthorized connections passing between endpoints across network segments. Those connections can be terminated to prevent the spread of malware across the network segments. And Sangfor NGAF is the only firewall that can graphically display allowed, suspicious, and malicious connections in real-time, enhancing its stature as a leading cyber security solution in the fight against malware and ransomware.

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Sangfor Anti-Ransomware Solution Advantage

Sangfor’s Security Solution for Ransomware is the only complete, holistic security solution to prevent and mitigate ransomware attacks in real-time. No other anti-ransomware prevention tool can impact every step in the ransomware kill chain and no other solution is modular enough to be tailored to the requirements and budget of an organization.


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Frequently Asked Question

There is no specific target when it comes to ransomware attacks as all businesses, from small and medium-sized enterprises to major firms, are in the crosshairs. According to an annual report on global cyber security, there were a total of 304 million ransomware attacks worldwide in 2020. A 62 percent increase from a year prior shows how essential it is to have proper cyber security and anti-ransomware solutions in place to prevent attacks from happening.

Phishing emails with malicious attachments are one of the major causes of ransomware attacks. Additionally, drive-by downloading has also been attributed to many ransomware-related issues. Essentially, drive-by downloading is where an individual visits a website infected with ransomware unknowingly, which results in the ransomware being downloaded and installed on the system the user is operating on. This triggers the Ransomware Kill Chain, and the only way to effectively stop it is with a trusted ransomware prevention solution like Sangfor’s Security Solution for Ransomware.

Companies that fall victim to ransomware attacks stand to lose a lot. Not only are they at risk of suffering data loss and data theft, but they may also experience financial losses as a result of paying the ransom demanded. IT costs, legal fees, network modifications, a decrease in productivity, and potential loss in reputation are among the other pitfalls that may befall companies. With the frequency of attacks on the rise, and big payouts already having occurred, many firms are seeking top of the line cybersecurity services to ensure they are protected against all types of attacks, including ransomware.

Sangfor Anti-Ransomware Solution:

  • Only solution that is proven to block every step in the ransomware kill chain
  • Only solution with direct integration between firewall and endpoint agents, and not using TI or management console as a go-between
  • Firewall can block C2 communications and lateral propagation based on direct endpoint input
  • NGAF Network Firewall can verify that endpoint is infected based on C2 communications
  • Only solution with a ransomware honeypot that effectively stops the encryption process and identifies the controlling application network wide