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  • 24 Jan 2019

Sangfor Partner Summit 2019: Moving Innovation Forward

On January 24th 2019, Sangfor hosted their 11th Annual Partner Summit at the Shangri-La Hotel in beautiful Xiamen, China. Attended by more than 200 partners from across the APAC region & Europe, Sangfor celebrated their Partners recent growth and future collaborative innovations with presentations from Sangfor’s founder and co-founder and leading executives.

Sangfor Partner Summit 2019 Moving Innovation Forward 1

Partners were treated to several special informative presentations and panel discussions from industry leaders such as KPMG. Sangfor core partners like Arcadia Technologie S.r.l., MYI Technologies, Ricoh, One Depot and PT. Sali Evo Tech. Partners were also given the opportunity to participate in specialized sessions designed to inform and provide the opportunity to give input on past and upcoming Network Security and Cloud Computing trends.

Sangfor Partner Summit 2019 Moving Innovation Forward 2

In the spirit of innovation, Sangfor adopted an interactive format allowing partners to ask questions, make comments and expand their personal network via an app, live during the sessions. “Sangfor learns from our partners and we want to give them the facetime opportunity to learn from us.” said Jason Yuan, VP of Sangfor’s International Marketing Department. “Everything we create is inspired by the needs of our partners and customers and events like this give us the opportunity to connect on a personal level and really design our next products and innovations with these specific needs in mind.”

Sangfor Partner Summit 2019 Moving Innovation Forward 3

Some of the featured products from this year’s Partner Innovation Summit included Sangfor’s newly released Neural-X, WAF and aCloud with special demonstrations from Sangfor’s Chief Science Officer and Director of the Sangfor Research Institute. Sangfor would like to thank all our international partners for taking the time to travel to China and for making this Summit an exciting and informative event full of fun, entertainment and of course, plans for how Sangfor and our Partners will grow in 2019.


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Sangfor Partner Summit 2019 Moving Innovation Forward 4

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