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Sangfor HCI for Traditional Enterprise Applications

Traditional Enterprise Applications


Enterprise applications supporting critical business systems are essential to driving business forward in the digital age. ERP is found in most enterprises, HIS in most hospitals and MES in most manufacturers, all working in tandem with database services. As these enterprise applications are the most critical business systems, they can't operate effectively with a slow response time  and intermittent disruptions. To avoid these productivity crippling issues, the underlying infrastructure platform must be equipped with several important components.


Sangfor Tailors HCI Solutions for Enterprise Applications

Sangfor HCI (hyper-converged  infrastructure) is tailor-made to run enterprise apps with optimized performance, comprehensive  reliability and built-in availability. It is meticulously designed to run and manage enterprise applications on a simplified all-in-one architecture, oering massive TCO reduction and superior manageability.
  • Start with three nodes and expand with flexibility
  • Intuitively designed guiding wizard for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server 
  • Optimized performance from the ground-up 
  • A top-down and bottom-up approach to reliability and availability 

Running Enterprise Applications with Assured Reliability and Availability

Enterprise applications require the underlying infrastructure to be as reliable as possible to keep business running smoothly.  Sangfor HCI leverages a variety of techniques and solutions to guarantee the reliability and availability of both on-site and off-site applications.
  • Native VM-based data redundancy
  • Built-in high availability (RPO=0, RTO=30s)
  • Integrated backup and CDP (RPO≈0, RTO=5mins)
  • Flexible disaster recovery (RPO=1s, RTO=10mins)
  • Automated stretched cluster (RPO=0, RTO=0)

Boost Your Enterprise Application Performance

Sangfor  HCI  addresses  performance  issues  from  numerous  architectural  perspectives,  making  dynamic  performance  and  optimization adjustments to meet enterprise application requirement by offering:
  • Distributed architecture with scale-out performance
  • AI-enhanced DB performance optimization
  • Memory optimization with vNUMA/NUMA, HugePage and memory segregation
  • SSD caching/tier-ing
  • Data striping

The Sangfor HCI Enterprise Application Solution is Different


Proven Compatibility for Enterprise Applications

Sangfor HCI has been proven to be compatible with a wide range of enterprise applications.


Acknowledged by Customers World-wide

A growing number of customers are running their most business-critical enterprise applications on Sangfor HCI with total peace in mind.