Apr 02, 2024 16:00 GMT +8

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A Little Different from Sangfor AI

Presented by Witt Lin - Sangfor Security Solutions Team Leader

In recent years, the emergence of Large Language Models has ushered in a new era for AI, elevating it to unprecedented levels of intelligence. Hackers have weaponized this powerful technology, making cyberattacks easier to carry out, more widespread, and more varied in their methods. This scenario challenges cybersecurity vendors to develop AI technologies that are equally advanced, if not more so, to counter these threats.

But how exactly does AI function in cybersecurity? And with so many vendors promoting their AI technologies, how can you differentiate between them? These are crucial questions for investing in the right AI security technologies and maximizing their benefits.

This webinar aims to address these important questions. We will clarify the differences between various types of AI, such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Large Language Models, and provide examples of their applications. We’ll also discuss the AI technologies Sangfor employs in its security solutions and explain how they can defend against AI-enabled cyber threats.

A Little Different from Sangfor AI