Sep 28, 2021 12:00 GMT +8

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Application Containment: Taking Control Back from Rogue Applications

28th September 2021 | 16:00 (Hong Kong Time)

Users want to access the internet for personal use regardless of corporate or organizational internet access control polices. They will install unauthorized VPN programs or other applications (like anonymous browsers with TOR access, proxy avoidance software, etc.). But doing so brings great risk to your organization with 350,000 new malware variants discovered daily and malware detection being only 99.5% successful; 1750 new malware variants have the potential of breaching your organization every day.

Sangfor takes application control to the next level with XDDR Application Containment by integrating and correlating endpoint, container, or workload application behavior with their activity on the network. Application Containment coordinates Sangfor NGAF, IAG and Endpoint Secure responses to provide real-time blocking and monitoring of unapproved or malicious applications.

Find out how Sangfor Application Containment lets you take back control from rogue applications delivered by ransomware, malware and APTs that users brought into your network and block users from bypassing your internet access control policies, preventing them from doing it again.

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Presented by: Guy Rosefelt