Sep 04, 2020 12:00 GMT +8

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Cybersecurity Conference in China

On the 2nd September 2020, the “Promotion and Implementation Conference for Cyber Security Level Protection and Critical Information Infrastructure Security Protection", one of the largest security events organized this year, was successfully held in Beijing, China. Sponsored by Sangfor and other security vendors, this conference was initiated by the Chinese Cyber Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, hosted by the Third Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security and the First Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security.

The conference was held both physically and virtually. More than 400 representatives from ministries and commissions, central enterprises, scientific research institutes, information technology companies, evaluation institutions, security vendors and other units in China attended the conference. Online, more than 130,000 people from various local party and government agencies, enterprises and institutions and other cybersecurity practitioners attended the conference.

Sangfor CEO River delivered a keynote speech where he mentioned that in 2020, Sangfor has built 25 distance training classrooms in China, held 200+ industry salons and helped 2,000 users complete their security restructuration work, effectively promoting the protection of network security and critical information infrastructure.

Cybersecurity Conference in China