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Disaster Recovery Showcase: Sangfor Technologies at Cloud Expo Asia 2019

Disaster Recovery Showcase: Sangfor Technologies at Cloud Expo Asia 2019

No matter what your position at the office, imagine the loss of payroll, tax records, HR records or reimbursement forms. Holidays and sick days are lost, employment records and statistics are gone and sales data has disappeared. What would happen with bonuses, taxes and your next pay check? If work goes down, you go down – it’s that simple.

Gartner’s Survey Analysis: IT Disaster Recovery in 2017 says that 80% of those companies who participated in the survey had experienced an incident in the past two years that could have been mitigated by an IT DR Plan. They also note that cloud-based recovery is the most effective choice for business-critical IT services. Businesses are spending increasing amounts of time and money on DR – in short, no one is taking DR lightly.

International Data Corp noted that for every hour of downtime, companies lose $84,000. A recent FEMA survey said that close to 40% of SMB’s are forced to close their doors in the event of a natural disaster. At the end of 2018 a Tsunami killed thousands in Indonesia while a 7.0 magnitude earthquake shook Alaska just a month prior. Sadly, many lives were lost, and the livelihood of the survivors was lost as well. LockerGoga is a strain of ransomware designed to literally shut down the computers and turn off the lights of industrial firms who don’t pay the requested bitcoin ransom. The livelihood of thousands of employees often depends on a company’s ability to weather a ransomware or malware storm.

In the mountains and death-valleys of frightening statistics and cautionary tales of companies and employees who have lost it all, there is a light at the end of the tunnel – and you should go toward the light in this case.

Sangfor Technologies and DCL Communications Ltd. will be visiting the Cloud Expo Asia in Hong Kong on May 22-23, 2019. As the largest and most well attended cloud expo in Northern Asia, it’s the perfect venue to team up and showcase Sangfor’s DR capabilities using their Enterprise Cloud Solution aCloud and DCL’s extensive server racks. Regardless of weather you are just exploring DR, looking for a way to optimize your DR capabilities or just want a demonstration of how it works and what it can do, come visit Sangfor at the Cloud Expo Asia Hong Kong (click HERE to register) and see how DR is done.

Sangfor Technologies at Cloud Expo Asia 2019