Apr 04, 2023 16:00 GMT +8

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Elevate Your Business to the Next Level with Sangfor HCI

After a very successful 2022 for our cloud products, Sangfor is thrilled to roll out the newest version of our Hyper Converged Infrastructure equipped with new & increased capabilities for supporting new use cases in 2023.

New features include the VSS will be supported by HCI snapshot and backup - vTPM, and more intelligent HA and DRS will be available this year to better increase our HCI performance. The new version 6.8.0 significantly improves security and management, making this by far the most powerful HCI ever released by Sangfor.

Our HCI product innovation journey continuously provides comprehensive solutions that drive your business to the next level of success. Do join us to see how Sangfor helps you increase your business value and add more to your continued success!

Elevate Your Business to the Next Level with Sangfor HCI

Speaker: Cheney Hu

Cheney has worked in Huawei as a data centre solution product manager for 4 years and travelled across the world to support projects, delivery training and create values for customers. Cheney has abundant experiences in storage and virtualization. He joined Sangfor IMD in March 2016 as Senior Product Manager for HCI, taking the role as a key contributor to HCI document establishment, strategy execution and training delivery.