Sep 20, 2022 16:00 GMT +8

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Enabling A Greener World with Digital Transformation


This year has seen more extreme weather than any time be before in history.  Globally we have seen extreme heat and drought across North American, Europe and China, wildfires are burning from US to Spain, heavy rains caused disastrous flooding in Pakistan, and more. Climate change is happening, and it has caused devastating outcomes all over our planet Earth. Fortunately, we, as inhabitants of this Earth, have realized that human civilization is the leading cause of climate change and countries are resolute to address it before 2050. Digital technologies such as cloud computing, big data analytics and IoT will help us achieve net-zero carbon use targets in a more efficient way by greatly improving energy efficiency, materials development, and mobility. As a leading global security and cloud computing solution provider, Sangfor works hard to cut carbon emission within its own business operations. We are helping our customers and partners reduce their impact on climate with digital transformation.

Join us in this session to see how Sangfor and digital transformation will reduce climate change.

Enabling A Greener World with Digital Transformation

Speaker: Cheney Hu

Cheney has worked in Huawei as a data centre solution product manager for 4 years and travelled across the world to support projects, delivery training and create values for customers. Cheney has abundant experiences in storage and virtualization. He joined Sangfor IMD in March 2016 as Senior Product Manager for HCI, taking the role as a key contributor to HCI document establishment, strategy execution and training delivery.