Sep 13, 2022 16:00 GMT +8

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The New "Must-Haves" for Detecting and Responding to Advanced AI-enabled Threats

After waves of the pandemic, businesses are finally able to restore operations fully. IT teams are rolling out new applications and upgrading infrastructure to support new business workflows and services. Unfortunately, most organizations still have the same challenges as pre-pandemic. These chronic challenges make it even more difficult for security teams to guarantee new workflows and services are protected from hackers.


  • Security teams are under greater pressure to do more with fewer resources and tighter timelines.
  • Security teams are under pressure to defend against APTs that have weaponized AI to defeat legacy security solutions with more complicated attacks.
  • Security teams are under pressure to respond to security incidents and verify threats correctly and quickly.

Join us to learn about the new “must-haves” for security architectures that mitigate these three challenges and improve security operations. We will talk about the latest techniques needed for AI threat detection and automated response. What will it take to bring your security into the future?

The New "Must-Haves" for Detecting and Responding to Advanced AI-enabled Threats

Speaker: Zoppo Chen

Zoppo is the Senior Product Manager for Sangfor Cyber Command. His previous experience working in Sangfor's Security R&D department gave him responsibility for planning several products and determining the competitiveness of various security products on the market. Being both a marketing and R+D expert, he is better suited to pay attention to customer requests for network security.