Sep 26, 2023 16:00 GMT +8

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The Road to Convergence with Sangfor VDI 5.9.0

Digital transformation is reshaping the way organizations deliver and manage end-user computing, introducing greater demands for data security, remote accessibility, resource scalability, and more. Meeting these demands often involves using multiple products from multiple vendors, which leads to management complexity, cost inefficiency, and poor support.

Introducing Sangfor VDI 5.9.0 - Revolutionizing Desktop Delivery and Management.

Sangfor's latest HCI hypervisor software combines HCI and VDI capabilities into a single platform. This enables efficient management of both desktop and server virtualization, streamlining business IT operations. With deep integration of Sangfor's cloud and security features, VDI 5.9.0 provides robust data protection and rapid response to security events. Join us for the global launch event of one of the industry's leading VDI solutions, with 2.3 million deployments to date. We will discuss the significant advantages and benefits of our latest VDI version and how it can simplify your operations through a converged architecture.

The Road to Convergence with Sangfor VDI 5.9.0

Speaker: Nicholas Tay Chee Seng

Nicholas has an extensive career spanning over 20 years, during which he has played a major role in the ideation, formulation, and co-creation of new cloud solutions for both enterprise and government sectors. His expertise spans across multiple domains including Cloud, Data Centre, Network and Connectivity, which he blends to support organizational Digital Transformation and Modernization and Industry 4.0, including 5G. His proficiency is backed by various sales and pre-sales certifications from key global technology firms such as Sangfor, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Dell EMC, Google, IBM, NetApp, Oracle, Red Hat, and VMware, enabling him to adopt the latest global technology trends, especially in the cloud domains.