Sep 06, 2022 16:00 GMT +8

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Simple and Secure Strategy for Cloud Data Sovereignty

Rather than migrating all applications to the cloud at once, a Simple and Secure approach allows organizations to plan what infrastructure will best serve each workload. 60% of organizations that have adopted a cloud-first strategy will replace it with a cloud-smart strategy by 2023, according to Gartner.

A new barrier to cloud adoption is data sovereignty regulations. There are many industry and government policies, but organizations do not understand how to meet these policies or what are available options.

Vendor lock-in remains a serious concern when moving all services into a cloud platform. What can they do if the cloud service provider has service/performance degradation or imposes a cost increase?

The cost of on-premises data centers is one of the main drivers for moving to public clouds. However, some tenants will have stringent data sovereignty requirements and will have to ensure the cloud hosts data within region and not allow it outside borders which could still be an expensive proposition. Let’s explore how Sangfor Cloud can align Your cloud strategy to balance TCO while catering to both regulation and innovation and still meeting Your specific business goals and values.

Simple and Secure Strategy for Cloud Data Sovereignty

Speaker: Francis Tsang

Francis is an IT senior expert of cloud infrastructure and service, worked at Container Line, SI, MSP, Hosting, ISV and Telco companies. He has Years of practical experience in Line of Business Application Deployment, Data Center, Server, Storage and Hybrid Cloud Solution/Operation, from Public Facing application, Mission Critical System to Legacy System rehosting, replatforming or rearchitecting.