Jul 26, 2022 16:00 GMT +8

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Start Your Simple and Worry-Free Cloud Journey, No Expertise Needed.


Cloud has provided unparalleled advantages in mobility, elasticity, and agility for innovating business processes. As the cornerstone of digital transformation, cloud computing technology is enabling organizations to quickly modernize their infrastructure while lowering operations and maintenance (O&M) costs.

However, moving from traditional IT architecture into the Cloud requires a lot of expertise for planning, migration, implementing best practices and many other things including managing the costs associated with the transition. Many organizations want the benefits from embracing cloud computing but are hesitant because of the skills and investments needed.

How will You start Your cloud journey without worrying about lack of expertise, covering the costs and ensuring robust and efficient services? Sangfor’s lightweight cloud “No Expertise Needed” environment gives you: 

  • The best cloud experience with least amount of investment;
  • The best security using the “No Expertise Needed” toolset;
  • The best stability and resilience with least amount of operational overhead;

Please join our webinar to learn how to design a lightweight hybrid cloud based on "No Expertise Needed" technology to provide your customers "Worry-free" Service.

Speaker: Glay Wang - Cloud Business Operation Manager

Start Your Simple and Worry-Free Cloud Journey, No Expertise Needed webinar image