Jul 02, 2024 16:00 GMT +8

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Unlock Greater Value from Your PC Budget with Sangfor VDI

Are your organization’s PCs still meeting your business goals? Managing a large inventory of PCs can be overwhelming, especially with increasing productivity and security demands. Combined with the push for higher cost efficiency, the challenge becomes even greater. Clearly, a better solution is needed.

Join our webinar to discover how Sangfor VDI offers a workspace solution tailored to modern business needs. By centralizing management, it streamlines desktop O&M and lowers operating costs. This makes it ideal for environments with over 100 users and general office PC usage. Additionally, by replacing energy-hungry PCs with thin clients and central servers, you can achieve significant cost savings.

This webinar isn’t just for IT managers; it’s also for PC resellers and managed PC service providers. If you’re struggling with fierce competition, heavy maintenance, and shrinking margins, this session will show you how Sangfor VDI can transform your offerings and drive growth.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get more value from your workspace investments. Register now to learn how Sangfor VDI can help create a more productive, secure, and cost-effective future for your organization.

Unlock Greater Value from Your PC Budget with Sangfor VDI

Speaker: Vincent Wu

Vincent is a Senior Cloud Product Marketing Manager for aDesk (VDI) at Sangfor Technologies. He has over 10-years experience in security and cloud computing with a broad knowledge of technology. He has also achieved CISSP/CISA certification. He has a deep understanding of the market and applies himself to provide high valuable and effective IT solutions to customers.