Sep 14, 2021 12:00 GMT +8

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Using AI to Combat AI - Featuring Gartner Research on Network Detection and Response

Weaponized AI is becoming a major threat, with cyber criminals leveraging AI to make cyber-attacks more effective and more disruptive, circumventing many threat detection technologies available on the market. While the best way to overcome this threat is to use AI, generalized AI models often result in a large number of false positives or false negatives, making it ineffective against weaponized AI.

Sangfor recently released a whitepaper co-hosted with a Gartner research focus on AI for malware detection, that provides a brief overview of how Sangfor Cyber Command NDR platform utilizes purpose-built AI models to combat weaponized AI, and the primary threat hunting use cases the AI models detect. Join us in this webinar to learn about these AI-assisted use cases to better protect your organization against current & future cyber threats.

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Presented by: William Phuah

William Phuah