Mar 26, 2024 16:00 GMT +8

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VMware Sells EUC to Investment Firm KKR: What’s Next for VMware Customers?

Done Deal. On February 26, VMware agreed to sell its End-User Computing (EUC) division to the investment company KKR, sparking concern among VMware customers of products like Horizon. “What will be the changes?” and “How will this impact my business?” you might be asking. This latest move, along with changes to the vSphere product lineup and the end of perpetual licenses, have prompted some VMware users to consider alternative solutions.

But what does an industry-leading VMware replacement look like?

We have set up this webinar to guide VMware vSphere and Horizon customers through this critical transition. We’ll discuss key factors to consider when exploring alternatives, covering both technical and commercial aspects such as features, performance, bundle and licensing options, vendor ecosystem, and business alignment. We’ll also compare Sangfor HCI and VDI with VMware vSphere and Horizon, highlighting areas where Sangfor is unique and excels.

Change can be scary, but with the right tools and insight, you can sail through it. Join us in tackling these challenges head-on, ensuring a smooth and informed switch from VMware.

VMware Sells EUC to Investment Firm KKR: What’s Next for VMware Customers?

Speaker: Keith Lee

Keith is an exceptional leader who embarked on his incredible journey with Sangfor Technologies in 2015, initially based in Malaysia. With an unwavering passion for IT, he has risen to the forefront of the organization in a short span. Now as the Cloud Business Director, he is currently spearheading its business operations. Keith's expertise lies in assisting clients & partners in navigating and finding the optimal path toward designing and implementing complete IT solutions. His commitment to excellence and dedication to empowering clients sets him apart, making him an invaluable asset.