Recently, International Data Corporation (IDC) published the “China Quarterly Software-Defined Storage (SDS) and Hyperconverged Storage (HCI) System Market Tracker, 2023Q4.” According to the report, Sangfor held the largest HCI market share in China for both the fourth quarter and the entirety of 2023, at 22.1% and 17.5%, respectively. 

Sangfor HCI is China’s Top Hyperconverged Infrastructure in 2023

What is Behind the Success of Sangfor HCI?

The significant progress we’ve made is rooted in an unwavering commitment to our principles.

  1. We maintain a steadfast resolve to progress and adhere to our commitment to independent research and development. To date, we have developed proven capabilities that position us as a competitive alternative to VMware, ready to support users at this critical junction.
  2. We embrace change, continuously innovating to meet the evolving and real user needs. This includes integrating AI capabilities, optimizing the Database Management Platform (DMP), and introducing container technology, which has culminated in a robust full-stack infrastructure solution.
  3. We are committed to practical implementation, deeply engaging with various industries and scenarios to tailor our solutions to diverse needs.

These principles—progress, change, and practical implementation—are the key themes behind our new solutions and successes.

Chasing Progress

Sangfor has invested in virtualization technology since 2011. Unlike some domestic vendors at the time, we opted for a path of independent R&D. Today, in the wake of VMware’s acquisition, Sangfor’s decade of independent development in server virtualization and underlying systems provide users with practical and effective solutions and support.

Leveraging our proprietary kernel development capabilities, Sangfor HCI provides a full-stack infrastructure replacement solution that not only helps users achieve smooth migration but also upgrade to a modern cloud platform.

  1. Not Simply Benchmarking but Surpassing: The aSV hypervisor and Sangfor Cloud Platform (SCP) virtualization resource management platform not only match VMware’s advanced features but surpass them. Specifically, Sangfor HCI provides more effective and reliable security protection and superior performance in key technologies such as hot upgrade, DRS intelligent scheduling, VM migration, and high availability (HA).
  2. Smooth Migration and Wide Compatibility: We provide a complete VMware replacement migration service with supporting tools and a compatibility system, ensuring seamless migration and application hosting for our users.
  3. Full-Stack Solution and Cloud Upgrade: We’ve built a full-stack hyperconverged architecture that fully integrates various capabilities and supports built-in security management, database management, and AIOps, providing users with a comprehensive cloud upgrade solution.

To us, progress means persisting on the path of independent research and development and always staying ahead of user challenges. We are focused not only on overcoming technical hurdles to evolve product capabilities but also on anticipating user needs through deep insight to solve their present and future challenges.

Embracing Change

As industries continue to deepen their digital transformation, users’ demands on infrastructure are becoming more diverse: new applications need container environments, new business developments rely on large AI models, and databases require higher reliability and performance.

Sangfor is focused on the latest technology trends and even more so on evolving user needs. In 2023, we took the lead in introducing the concept of “Resource Pool 2.0,” building on traditional virtualization to offer infrastructure enhanced with container and AI capabilities.

Beyond basic infrastructure resources (compute, storage, and networking), we offer advanced capabilities such as built-in security, Database Management Platform (DMP), and intelligent operations and maintenance services. This provides users with a scalable infrastructure that continuously meets the evolving business needs of digital transformation.

Embrace AI for a Smarter Cloud Platform

Sangfor has developed the “SkyOps” AIOps engine with advanced AI algorithms and deeply integrated it into Sangfor HCI to enable more intelligent and efficient management and operations. The integration of AI greatly improves the cloud platform’s ability to accurately predict and detect faults, achieving proactive monitoring, analysis, and deployment. It can predict faults 7 to 30 days in advance, detect issues within one minute, and pinpoint faults within three minutes with over 90% accuracy.

Additionally, Sangfor has launched a new generation AI computing platform on top of the cloud platform. It provides a complete set of capabilities, including large model selection, data processing, model training, and inference deployment, helping users advance the development of innovative businesses such as AI-Generated Content (AIGC). We have also developed our own container engine, SKE, supporting the deployment of cloud-native and edge businesses.

Practical Implementation

Our commitment to improving technology and optimizing solutions is not empty talk. Over the years, Sangfor has delved into various industries and business scenarios to identify and understand real user needs, enabling us to create tailored and effective digital solutions.

  • We have helped over 3,300 enterprise customers achieve cloud transformation in production and corporate management scenarios.
  • We have provided robust support to over 1,450 healthcare customers for their integrated platforms and Hospital Information Systems (HIS).
  • Over 850 educational institutions rely on Sangfor’s cloud infrastructure to build their “Smart Campuses.”
  • We provide truly effective solutions for over 900 customers in finance, energy, and other sectors undergoing IT transformation.

As we progress with the tides of time and persist in innovation through market shifts, Sangfor will continue to explore diverse business scenarios, achieve technological innovations, and develop effective solutions. We believe that every step in our technological upgrade and product evolution will not be in vain.


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