Sangfor Technologies has now partnered up with the technology-distributing local powerhouse that is NGXess in a move to deliver the most advanced cyberinfrastructure and cybersecurity solutions across Sri Lanka.

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The Brand Launch Kickoff event held in Colombo, Sri Lanka was hosted by Sangfor from the 6th to the 7th of October and set the platform for the announcement of the Sangfor and NGXess partnership. The event hailed more than 150 customers and 20 core partners from 80 different companies to showcase the latest Sangfor innovations in cybersecurity and cloud computing.

The rapid growth of the technology industry has made market expansion challenging and costly for start-ups and new technology vendors in emerging economies and NGXess strives to counter this by understanding the complexities of these technologies to market them efficiently to the people of Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Bangladesh, and expansions in other ASEAN emerging markets.

NGXess is a value-added distributing company based in Sri Lanka that helps businesses, governments, and organizations deliver and apply successful advanced technology projects by partnering with next-generation computing vendors and innovators. They can provide training from a professional aspect with a consultative sales approach to allow target markets to fully grasp the concepts and designs of the IT infrastructure we are trying to implement.

With almost 22 years of research and development investments, Sangfor is committed to ensuring IT infrastructure and cybersecurity solutions with superior integration and automation through our distributors. We welcome teamwork and provide superior consulting services, active solutions, and thorough post-sales support to all our customers to ensure maximum efficiency.

This partnership with NGXess is one of Sangfor’s strategic steps into the South Asian market and through our allyship with NGXess, we can create a deeper understanding of the existing local market trends to deliver more effective and tailored solutions to customers.

Sangfor’s country manager, Finn Yang assured the press that this new partnership with NGXess will be essential in the digital development of Sri Lanka and all its industry sectors, stating that a wide range of potential customers exists within the South Asian country and he is confident that “Sangfor can fully match their IT transformation business needs.”

Sangfor security, cloud, and infrastructure solutions keep the lights burning, the people connected and the businesses safe – welcome to our site, our solutions, and our future.

Finn Yang, Sangfor’s country manager

Sangfor country manager said partnership with NGXess will be essential in the digital development of Sri Lanka

Sangfor aims to create a world of innovation and excellence and the choice to partner with us is a choice to drastically improve the digital infrastructure and cybersecurity of your organization.

This step into partnership will empower the people of Sri Lanka and allow Sangfor to assist in ensuring innovative and effective digital transformation. We are grateful for and pleased with this collaboration with NGXess and hope to see positive growth and fruitful expansion from this endeavor in the future.

Watch the news video from Art TV News.

News video from Art TV News

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