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On 14 October 2022, IDC, a leading global provider of market intelligence and advisory services for the IT industry, published the IDC PRC Quarterly Software-defined Storage and Hyperconverged System Tracker[1] for Q2, 2022.

According to the latest Tracker, Sangfor ranked as the 3rd largest HCI vendor in China in Q2, 2022, accounting for 13.3% of total market share.

accounting for 13.3% of total market share

For some perspective, the Chinese HCI market was worth $325.2m and $502.3m in Q1 and Q2, 2022 respectively to reach $827.5m for H1, 2022, representing a YoY growth rate of 13.1%.


The Efforts Behind Sangfor HCI’s Success

In fact, a deeper dive into the IDC data reveals that Sangfor is the 3rd largest HCI vendor in China based on accumulated market share since January 2019.

This is no mean feat in a rapidly evolving and highly competitive market. So how has Sangfor managed to remain at the forefront of the HCI market? Let’s explore some of the efforts behind Sangfor HCI’s success.

1. Continuous Innovation to Meet User Needs

In July 2022, Sangfor launched Sangfor HCI version 6.8.0. This newest version not only optimized plenty of features to meet actual user needs but also includes many innovative upgrades and technical breakthroughs.

Business Continuity: In order to meet the most critical user need – business continuity – Sangfor HCI v6.8.0 enhanced the three “hot” capabilities of hot upgrade, hot migration, and hot patching to ensure little to no impact on business operations. In an environment of 1,000 concurrent VMs running Oracle database, the I/O wait time is less than 2 seconds during the migration process to achieve virtually no business impact. A performance test in a three-node HCI cluster environment based on NVMe SSD and 25Gb NIC, the 4K random read speed peaked at 1.017 million IOPS, which is capable of hosting critical services like databases.

Security: In terms of security capabilities, Sangfor HCI v6.8.0 integrates the best of Sangfor’s security technologies to deliver cloud-native security. This ensures that businesses applications and services are protected the moment they come online.

2. Proactive Exploration to Broaden Application Scenarios

As digital transformation gathers pace, organizations are increasingly in need of cloud solutions that are more reliable and secure, able to host critical business, and able to cope with a complex and changing external factors. Using HCI as the underlying infrastructure, Sangfor not only develops product capabilities to address major trends but also solutions for specific business scenarios.

Major Trends: Sangfor has an extensive partner ecosystem comprising many operating system, server, database, and business application vendors with whom Sangfor collaborate to develop the industry’s best solutions.

Specific Scenarios: To help users guarantee business continuity, Sangfor also addresses more specific scenarios such as disaster recovery (DR). Using Disaster Recovery Management (DRM), Sangfor provides complete data protection and critical business data is replicated to the disaster recovery site in real time. If the primary site fails because of a disaster, business is switched to the disaster recovery site in seconds. Very short RTOs and RPOs can be configured to meet the needs of users with high requirements for business continuity and data integrity.

3. Targeted Development to Serve Key Markets

In the hyperconvergence infrastructure market, the finance, enterprise, and government sectors account for a fairly high proportion of market demand. HCI vendors that can gain a foothold in these key markets will be able to expand their market share quicker and more aggressively than the competition. Following an improvement in product competitiveness, Sangfor HCI has accumulated more than 13,000 customers around the world.

The technical capabilities and adaptability of Sangfor HCI has been validated by the market thanks to wide user adoption in various industries. This has also helped Sangfor accumulate rich service experience, which not only reduces the risk of future products but also inspires us to continuously upgrade and innovate new products. Sangfor looks forward to making more breakthroughs in Sangfor HCI to deliver ultimate business value to our customers.

Sangfor Ranked the 3rd Largest HCI Vendor in China in Q2 2022

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[1] IDC PRC Quarterly Software-defined Storage and Hyperconverged System Tracker, published October 14, 2022


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