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Customer Background

TOSHIBA TEC Singapore Pte Ltd (TSE) designs, builds and services world-class turnkey ODM/OEM solutions for Fortune 500 companies worldwide as well as for Best in Class small and medium-sized enterprises. Delivering state of the art ODM/OEM products to key players in industries including transport & logistics, retail, banking and healthcare, TOSHIBA TEC Singapore helps customers to remain a step ahead of the competition. TOSHIBA TEC Singapore, headquartered in Singapore, is a TOSHIBA TEC Corporation Group company, an operating company of TOSHIBA Corporation.

Customer Challenge/Demand

Previously customer had more than 15 servers and several Hyper-v VMs running in the data center. The systems running on these servers include lotus notes, exchange, Microsoft SQL Server Database and some file servers etc. Most of the internal applications were hosted by the physical servers and these servers had been running for over 5 years, there were hardware failures now and then. What made the case worse was there was no HA for those physical servers and Hyper-v VMs to failover business whenever there’s failure occurring. Sometimes they had to wait hours for the business to recover from hardware failure. Customer has only one engineer to manage all the servers and he had to manage everything separately which was way too complex and time-consuming.

Sangfor HCI Solution

Sangfor proposed HCI solution to help Toshiba Tec consolidate all the existing physical servers with only 2 units of 2U aServer appliances and dramatically simplify the daily O&M. With compute virtualization aSV and storage virtualization aSAN, customer was able to migrate all the physical servers and Hyper-v virtual machines to HCI platform and ensure business reliability with high availability. Complexity exists no more with Sangfor HCI web-based management console, customer can have a unified single-pane-of-glass management over all the resources on HCI to simplify operations and reduce time consumption. Now they can spin up a VM and get business launched in minutes as opposed to hours or even days before.


- Significant hardware footprint reduction by consolidation

- O&M simplified dramatically with intuitive management console

- Business continuity guaranteed with native HA

- Time-to-market shortened massively

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