3 Seconds to Kill Ransomware | Sangfor Endpoint Secure - Ransomware Detection and Recovery


Dec 14, 2023

Sangfor Endpoint Secure is a lightweight, full-featured endpoint security solution that protects you against any type of ransomware. It provides a holistic response to malware infections and APT breaches across the entire organization's network, with ease of management, operation, and maintenance.

Endpoint Secure shows its best of the best capability to detect process injection, an advanced ransomware attack technique in as quickly as 3 seconds in this simulated attack. Not only is it quick in the detection of ransomware attacks that bypass many endpoint security solutions, but it also recovers encrypted files with ease. In case of encryption of files before triggering honeypot files, Endpoint Secure restores the files with the new Windows Volume Shadow Copy service or VSS snapshot backup.

Don't let ransomware compromise your confidential and sensitive data! Protect it with Sangfor Endpoint Secure’s cutting-edge ransomware protection and recovery capabilities.