Introduction to Sangfor Cyber Guardian (MDR Service)


Jun 15, 2022

Having trouble keeping your cyber security operations in check? Today’s cyber threats are becoming more frequent, employing more advanced tools and techniques, and causing greater damage. Organizations are badly struggling to keep up their defenses in this fast-evolving threat landscape, often lacking the required technology and the expertise to effectively deal with threats against their critical data and systems. So why not pass on these responsibilities to the experts? Say hello to Sangfor Cyber Guardian, Sangfor’s Managed Threat Detection and Response service (MDR). Cyber Guardian harnesses the power of human and machine intelligence to provide customers with round-the-cloud threat detection and response, helping customers make up for technology and talent shortages. Let us do the legwork so that you can focus on what you do best! Find out what Cyber Guardian offers and why we promise to keep your organization secure.