Imminent Cyber-attacks are becoming a new normal in healthcare industry. Let us consider this scenario. You are sick, and head to the hospital. Once there, you sit down and fill out +10 forms with the most intimate details about your health, insurance, finances and family. Nowhere else is so much personal and detailed information offered freely and recorded quickly – and made available to all medical and administrative professionals responsible for your care. Being sick and stressed, you likely aren’t focused on where or how this information is recorded. Healthcare professionals are expected to act quickly to keep you healthy and alive, meaning downtime of important systems is extremely undesirable – and that’s what cyber-criminals are counting on!


Some recent stats about imminent cyber attacks


According to Dizzion, 89% of healthcare organizations experienced a data breach in the past two years, with a Mid-Horizon study concluding that approximately 100% of web applications connected to critical health information are vulnerable to cyberattack. That means your information is not at all secured.


Healthcare has always been a hotbed of ransomware activity. These days imminent cyber attacks are occurring almost every day that Hospitals and healthcare facilities have more to fear than the COVID-19 virus. With  Emisoft reporting that “at least 41 hospitals and other healthcare providers were successfully attacked during Q1 and Q2. Given that healthcare resources were already stressed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these incidents were especially concerning.”


How will Sangfor Rescue the Healthcare Industry from Imminent Cyber-Attack


Reasons behind cloud based cyber attacks.

Hytrust reports that as a many healthcare firms are migrating to a cloud-based solution, and despite safety being a prime concern, 25% suggest that they are not encrypting their information during data transfer to the cloud. 38% of firms with data in a multi-cloud environment like Amazon Web Service do not use encryption technology.


The HIPPA Journal reports that “For small and medium-sized healthcare firms, cloud adaption is a haven from cyber-attacks. Despite the early adaption of cloud-based technology by the healthcare sector, nearly 40 percent of these organizations do not have a dedicated staff that can deal with cloud-based problems. Without a dedicated team, small healthcare organizations can face threats while operating in a cloud environment.”


How will Sangfor Rescue the Healthcare Industry from Imminent Cyber-Attack 2

Personal data is compromised in imminent ransomware attacks

To recap, the Healthcare industry, with access to intimate personal information, suffers from an overabundance of imminent data breach and cyber-attack. It has no access to security-skilled IT staff, and are using unsecured cloud environments to move valuable information to a bevy of doctors, nurses and administrators – and yes, cyber attackers. Add to that valuable data on COVID-19 vaccine research underway and a tempting target for cyber-attackers, some backed by government entities. What should the healthcare industry be investing in to secure their data and connectivity?


Proactive preparation and mitigation of potential damages is crucial for the healthcare industry. Meaning it is necessary to deploy on-premises or cloud data backups. As ransomware attacks become more brazen, prolific and damaging, outdated architectures are easily becoming stressed or overwhelmed, exacerbating business challenges and creating additional downtime and confusion.


Sangfor at rescue from cyber attacks

Sangfor Technologies provides the backup and restoration functions necessary to keep the healthcare industry flowing smoothly, even in the face of cyber-attack. Josh Gluck, VP of Global Healthcare Technology Strategy at Pure Storage, encourages these vital upgrades. He reported that, “Legacy systems that are highly complex and require daily maintenance carry countless vulnerabilities that limit both the reliability of backups and the speed of restoration.”


How will Sangfor Rescue the Healthcare Industry from Imminent Cyber-Attack 3

Imminent Cyber-Attack disaster recovery plan by Sangfor:

Sangfor offers a 1-stop disaster recovery solution based on the industry-leading enterprise cloud platform aCloud, to enable 1-click failover and failback. That is optimal RPO and visualized disaster recovery (DR) management and monitoring. In addition to local backup and continuous data protection (CDP), aCloud DR extends its protection off-site and achieves granular protection for a wide range of DR objectives. Based on Sangfor’s Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI), aCloud platform, DR is integrated without any additional 3rd party software. You can simply activate a license and DR is right at your fingertips.  Many healthcare institutions like Royal Progress International Hospital and Jakarta Eye Center, both in Indonesia, are taking advantage of Sangfor aCloud functions. They are secured from cyber-attacks, ransomware attacks and imminent data breaches by using functions like:


1. 1-Click Failover

2. Flexible RPO Choices

3. Compression and Encryption of Data

4. Incremental Failback.

5. Disaster Recovery Drill

6. Continuous Backup

7. Visualized DR Monitoring


Sangfor knows what network security issues our healthcare customers face, and how to prepare them for a more secure future. Get in touch with Sangfor Technologies today to boost cloud and data protection and prepare for the future of IT.


Sangfor Technologies is an APAC-based, global leading vendor of IT infrastructure solutions specializing in Network Security and Cloud Computing. Visit us at to learn more about Sangfor’s Security solutions, and let Sangfor make your IT simpler, more secure and valuable.


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