Enhancing Application Delivery with Sangfor AD Product Series

The Sangfor Application Delivery (AD) Product Series offers solutions such as global server load balancing (GSLB), inbound/outbound load balancing, server load balancing, SSL offloading, and anti-DDoS for application delivery. These solutions enhance service availability, performance, and security, improve user access experience, and reduce organizational IT investments.

Enhancing Application Delivery with Sangfor AD Product Series

Sangfor Application Delivery (AD) Capabilities

Sangfor AD Product Series are added with intelligent functions based on high stability to assist users in complex application environments.

All-in-1 Load Balancing

Sangfor AD solution offers comprehensive load balancing functions and supports deployment on both IPv4 and IPv6 networks, helping users optimize their IT computing resources. The cost-effective Sangfor AD product series provide three load balancing functions in one device, along with various optimization features, resulting in a higher return on investment compared to other similar products in the industry.

Fast and Intelligent

Sangfor AD solution offers a unique unilateral acceleration function that increases access speed without the need for any additional software, allowing for a faster and more stable service release platform. Additionally, the Sangfor AD Product Series provide commercial intelligent analysis capabilities, enabling users to analyze the running status of their network and servers for decision-making regarding network and service optimization. The solution also incorporates intelligent optimization technologies such as transparent DNS proxy, peak-hour service regulation, and intelligent alarms to improve resource utilization and enhance user access experience.

Unilateral Acceleration

Sangfor AD solution offers transparent deployment for users, improving service competitiveness by reducing response time without bandwidth upgrade. It also improves TCP transmission efficiency by detecting and optimizing network paths, making it suitable for various application acceleration scenarios.

Intelligent Business Analysis

Sangfor AD solution provides detailed link reports, including traffic, session connection, IP access, and link quality reports. It also offers rich service reports, such as server response time, IP/user access statistics, traffic, and connection statistics, and server health reports. These reports assist enterprises in making informed business decisions by providing time segment-based, area-based, and service source-based access analysis reports.

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