Application virtualization refers to running an application on a thin client; a terminal or a network workstation with few resident programs and accessing most programs residing on a connected server. The thin client runs in an environment separate from the operating system where the application is located. The process of application virtualization allows the end user to use their own machine and the OS they are familiar with, while accessing applications from a virtual machine, meaning a more secure, uniform and accessible experience, regardless of location. The application virtualization market size was predicted to grow from USD 2.2 billion in 2018 to USD 4.4 billion by 2023, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) 14% during the forecast period (source).
The benefits of application virtualization are endless. Application virtualization is an effective way to implement and maintain their published applications for organizations and IT administrators, allowing them the benefit of installing an application once to a server, rather than on multiple desktops, making it easier to update applications and apply patches centrally. Using application virtualization also allows admins to effectively control application access, meaning administrators can easily modify access permissions to applications without altering anything on the user’s desktop. Users find the portability very useful, as they can access virtualized applications from thin clients or non-Windows devices, such as Android or iOS. The applications are immediately available, without waiting for time-consuming installations. If a device is lost or stolen, application data remains uncompromised, on the server. Finally, users find it easier to run more legacy applications, find it easier to run cross-platform Operations, and finally to bypass issues with conflicting anti viruses which often refuse to work together seamlessly.
Like most other technological advancements, getting the most out of your virtual desktop infrastructure and application virtualization requires careful research and planning, especially as the product usage becomes more widespread, and more features are added. If only there were experts available to explain the benefits and functions of VDI and what features are best suited to your business and employees. Sangfor is here for just these questions and more.

In Sangfor's latest informative webinar “Make Application Virtualization Work for You,” join Sangfor’s subject matter experts to discover how to enable secure employee access from anywhere, learn about the advantages of the solution, who is making use of this product and what best practices are suggested.

Join Sangfor on February 20th at 16:00 (HK time) and get the latest details on VDI, application virtualization and what new and exciting updates are coming soon. Click here to register for the webinar.
As a leading global vendor of Network Security, Cloud Computing and Network Optimization solutions, Sangfor is committed to empowering IT professionals globally by offering useful, secure and reliable products, proven to help companies operate at a higher level with more confidence in their security and versatility.

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