Sangfor Technologies takes pride in being an innovative and leading brand. This is why Sangfor obtained its SAP Outsourcing Partner certification in SAP HANA Operations and Cloud and Infrastructure Operations in 2019.

Sangfor has already been named an official SAP-recommended service provider for many years. Since becoming an SAP partner, Sangfor has also been committed to providing high-quality maintenance services for SAP customers.

What is an SAP Certification?

System Analysis Program Development, or SAP, can help businesses of all sizes and industries run their business profitably. It can also help them adapt and grow sustainably.

The company offers a unique certification program for partners that manage customer environments in the cloud or on-premises. They also help partners with their digital transformation.

SAP customers can use certifications to identify service providers that meet their needs. Factors such as quality, scope, and geography should all be taken into consideration. An SAP outsourcing operations partner certification is given after a company applies. The company must then prepare for the on-site audit by the partner and an auditor.

After a successful audit session, SAP delivers the certificate to the partner. Certifications give customers the confidence to trust a certified partner for help with their SAP landscapes and solutions. This allows them to focus on running their business. Migrating, running, managing, and maintaining SAP are all part of this process.

About Sangfor Technologies

Founded in 2000, Sangfor Technologies is a leading product and service provider. The company specializes in enterprise-level network security, cloud computing, IT infrastructure, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Sangfor has over 9,000 employees. They provide products and services to more than 100,000 enterprise-level users. These users are located in over 50 countries and regions across the world. The company is dedicated to innovative design and thinking to lay a solid foundation for global digital transformation.

Sangfor Security and Sangfor Cloud are the two major portions of the business - as well as a subsidiary company called Sundray. These all work together to make digital transformation simpler and more secure.

Image of Sangfor, an SAP Certified Outsourcing Partner Since 2019

Image of Sangfor Headquarters

Sangfor Becoming an SAP Certified Outsourcing Partner

In 2019, Sangfor became an SAP Outsourcing Partner. They focus on helping SAP clients with the daily operation and technical support of their systems. They approach the task from a business perspective.

Sangfor also integrates its products - Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) and Managed Cloud Services (MCS) - for end-to-end monitoring. This includes the operating status of the client's platform and business systems, system failure handling, and performance optimization.

Clients are now choosing to use SAP. Sangfor is determined to help these clients reach a new level of digital transformation by enhancing service efficiency and quality.

Qiu Liang is the Vice President of the Cloud Computing Business Group for Sangfor Technologies. He has stated that achieving the SAP Outsourcing Partner Certification standards enables them to quickly respond to customer requests.

Based on the SAP Outsourcing Partner Certification standards, we can quickly respond to customer demands, effectively reduce service costs, and improve our customer satisfaction. At the same time, we have also expanded our influence and brand image in the field of cloud computing.

Qiu Liang, Vice President of Cloud Computing Business Group, Sangfor Technologies

Enhancing Managed Cloud Services By Becoming an SAP Certified Partner

Sangfor Technologies also saw a marked improvement since the certification. Sangfor Cloud met the SAP official certification standards in terms of infrastructure such as data centers, networks, and hardware.

The standard for cloud platforms and SAP HANA operation services were also met by Sangfor’s cloud infrastructure. In terms of SAP projects, Sangfor showed the ability to provide solution operation services. Sangfor also maintained servers running SAP applications and SAP HANA all-in-one machines and ensured the performance of SAP hosting.

The logo also helped Sangfor to demonstrate our professional level and credibility to customers and partners after each audit.

The SAP certification status is promoted on Sangfor’s website, official public accounts, and in all relevant marketing and promotional materials. The certification status is mentioned in communication with customers and partners to assure them of Sangfor’s professional capabilities and reputation.

SAP OPC - Outsourcing Partner Certification Is Helping Sangfor’s Marketing Strategy

As the market for outsourcing services grows, more people want to enter the industry. This is why service providers need to stand out and make an impression. In this way, the SAP OPC certification has helped Sangfor greatly.

When the SAP OPC certification is mentioned in marketing ventures, it immediately increases customer trust and recognition. The internationally recognized certification standard of the SAP OPC shows that Sangfor meets industry standards. It also ensures reliable performance and several technical advantages.

Additionally, the Sangfor brand becomes more attractive to customers when they see the SAP OPC logo. It showcases the company’s professional level and quality assurance.

These measures have all helped Sangfor’s brand stand out in the market while increasing competitiveness and influence. The SAP OPC certification has also elevated the marketing of the Sangfor name. this improved customer retention rates, brand value, and awareness in the market.

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