No industry is in greater need of security and efficiency than the Finance industry – and a massive shift toward Virtual Desktop Infrastructure marks an increased focus on these infinitely important elements.

Two important elements proven to be provided by VDI solutions are data security and workplace flexibility, both elements sought by JS Bank in Pakistan, a country famous for the concept of Ethical Hacking. As a legal profession, Pakistani students can study the art of hacking in an effort to discover potential threats to desktop, smartphones or local networks. This valuable insight is then used to defend the company from threats and further secure their valuable data. It goes to figure that a country with the foresight to invest in their future network security by encouraging their younger generation to learn ethical hacking, would encourage more enterprises to deploy secure and agile virtual solutions.



JS Bank is a commercial bank offering a range of consumer, corporate and other banking services. Headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan JS Bank has a network of 323 branches in 161 cities including an international branch in Manama, Bahrain. When they discovered the need to replace their more traditional and outdated PC's with a VDI solution for over 5000 desktop units, the began an exhaustive search for the best solution for them. JS Bank also required the solution they deployed to provide high availability and the best protection for sensitive data.

JS Bank eventually decided to go with Sangfor Technologies when they were overwhelmed by the number of requirements Sangfor's VDI solution delivered – both needs they knew about, and some they didn't. Sangfor's VDI solution keeps all data on the server end, with policies to control network connections, USB connections and other export of documents, ensuring there is less opportunity for data leakage. By using HCI as the infrastructure for their VDI solution, Sangfor achieved high availability for data and built-in VM backups, to further prevent data loss. JS Bank can now centrally manage virtual desktops using only 2 consoles. Finally, the single-platform solution combines control of server, hypervisor, and VDI controllers onto one easy-to-manage platform .

Why Sangfor?

To learn more about Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solutions and use-cases, or to learn more about Sangfor Technologies wide array of network security, cloud and infrastructure optimisation options, visit us at . Sangfor Technologies is an APAC-based, global leading vendor of IT infrastructure solutions specializing in Network Security and Cloud Computing. Call, email or visit our website to learn more about Sangfor's Cloud, Security or Infrastructure solutions, and let Sangfor make your IT simpler, more secure and valuable.



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