Even Dell Technologies Chief Marketing Officer, Allison Dew couldn’t tone down the good-natured exasperation in an article discussing the “latest” results of the Dell Digital Transformation Index, stating “It’s déjà vu all over again.”

Those categorized as “Digital Leaders” with “Digital ingrained in DNA” are in the 5% range of the 4,600 organizations polled globally. The highest percentage of organizations (33%) fell in the category of “Digital Evaluators” defined by Dell as those who are working toward transformation – but gradually. The hilariously and aptly named “Digital Laggards” fell into the 9% category. The study is a good read, and not only because Dell obviously has a wickedly sharp sense of humor. Check it out HERE. These numbers are largely the same as their numbers from the 2016 survey, thus the “Déjà Vu” quip in the title.

Sangfor (of course) wanted to see where we fell on the scale. Here’s a quick overview of where the counties where Sangfor operates fall on the Dell Digital Transformation scale:

China – Digital Evaluator (36%)

Indonesia – Digital Evaluator (41%)

Italy – Digital Follower (30%)

Singapore Digital Follower (41%)

S. Korea - Digital Follower/Digital Evaluator (28%)

Thailand – Digital Adoptor (40%)

USA – Digital Adoptor (38%)

Note: India, Brazil and Thailand top the list as the most digitally mature markets of the countries surveyed by Dell.

Looking up “Asia” and “Digital Transformation” will bring up thousands of articles praising the high level of transformation in Asia, but why do more Asian countries not fall in the Dell realm of “Digital ingrained in DNA?” A candid and interesting podcast interview done by McKinsey Digital by Cecilia Ma Zecha with Alan Lau and Gregor Theisen (McKinsey senior partners), begins to explain why SEA isn’t necessarily the “chart-topper” you’d think we’d be. Reading between the lines, Asia is leading the way in global digital transformation because they NEED to lead the way.

First, Theisen says, by “leapfrogging” technologies, Asia is (to borrow from another genius Isaac Newton) “Standing on the shoulders of giants.”  Asia simply isn’t starting from scratch and they are taking advantage of this – a smart move.

Second and third (combined for the sake of time), the Asian population is just more open to digital transformation, letting it permeate their personal and professional lives in a visceral way. They embrace newer technologies like internet banking and e-commerce with open arms, while businesses understand the value of taking advantage of these opportunities to engage the public.

Sangfor knows the value our products, partners and customers create here in Asia and globally. Understanding the potential of digital transformation and the challenges you will face along the way is just a way of life – and we are here to help develop your “Digital DNA!” For more information about the way Sangfor can enable your safe, fast and secure digital transformation, visit our website at https://www.sangfor.com.

About Sangfor: Founded in 2000 and a publicly traded company as of 2018 (SANGFOR STOCK CODE: 300454 (CH)) Sangfor Technologies is the global leading vendor of IT infrastructure solutions specializing in Cloud Computing and Network Security.

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