The IT industry converges on Shanghai this week to attend the Huawei Connect 2019 Conference – and Sangfor Technologies is there to man a booth and participate in the conversation about one of the hottest topics in the IT field today – AI.

AI is one of the most dynamic fields of study globally. The recently published, “KPMG 2019 Enterprise AI Adoption Study,” notes that business adoption of AI is on the rise, with a rapid shift away from experimental use to applied use, convergence of automation, AI, analytics and low-code platforms, and the belief that AI can and will shift the competitive landscape. The "Asia Pacific Artificial Intelligence Chip Market to 2027 - Regional Analysis and Forecasts by Segment; Type; and Industry Vertical" predicts the APAC AI chip market will reach $22.27 billion by 2027 – a significant rise from $1.03 billion 2018.

Capgemini’s Reinventing Cybersecurity with Artificial Intelligence Report reports that AI and cyber-security are inexorably linked with 61% of enterprises saying they cannot detect breach attempts today without the use of AI technologies and 48% saying their budgets for AI in cybersecurity will increase by an average of 29% in Fiscal Year (FY) 2020.

So we all in agreement – AI (good or bad) is here to stay.

Cyber-security statistics are consistently depressing, with breaches costing more and more every day and the methods of attack becoming more sophisticated, using the same AI technology being developed to track big data and build big business. Now let’s consider some of the other potential threats that may seem less costly and more hilarious – but you’d be wrong.

Malware developers are flagging clean packages as malware, thus training the AI platform to alert to more false positives – which is going to take a lot of explaining when attempting to sell a product or build a reliable database of malicious files through ML and AI.

Not that we would be roped-in to such videos, but there has been much talk of AI enhanced fake videos using celebrity faces (or the face of your ex), superimposed on the body of a third-party who is engaging in less than tasteful behaviour (use your imagination). In a less sexy or embarrassing attack style, imagine receiving a video call from a friend, co-worker or boss asking for an emergency wire transfer or any type of personal else you wouldn’t normally share.

At the recent Sangfor Innovation Summit 2019, white hat hacker Karthik Raghuram Sundar, ITA Manager for KPMG Management & Risk Consulting in Malaysia did a live demonstration, hacking the phone of a member of the audience and filtered his own voice to sound like a woman – more notably, the attendees wife – and it was convincing.

Throw in a spattering of AI-enabled worms, trojans and God-knows-what malware mixed with AI and you have all the makings of an AI-pocalypse.

Why Sangfor?

Sangfor products like Endpoint Secure are looking ahead – using AI to fight what will surely be coming down the pipe someday soon (maybe even today). Endpoint Secure is Sangfor’s answer to the future of endpoint protection, managing the endpoint asset security life cycle, from prevention, detection, defence, all the way through response. Key to the success of Endpoint Secure is integration with Sangfor’s artificially intelligent malware/APT detection engine, Engine Zero, and their NGAF Next Generation Firewall solution. Endpoint Secure integrates with Sangfor NGAF to stop both exfiltration to Command & Control servers and access to phishing sites at the perimeter by alerting NGAF to which hosts are currently exhibiting unusual or malicious behaviour.

“We are very excited to offer the advanced features of Endpoint Secure. Not only does Endpoint Secure integrate with the entire Sangfor Security Product line, providing state of the art end-to-end protection, it significantly increases ROI by making it easier to manage many thousands of agents either on-premise, in the cloud or both” said Jason Yuan, VP, Product and Marketing for Sangfor International.

Founded in 2000 and a publicly traded company as of 2018 (SANGFOR STOCK CODE: 300454 (CH)), Sangfor Technologies is the global leading vendor of IT infrastructure solutions specializing in Network Security and Cloud Computing. Visit us at and get in touch with Sangfor Technologies – or visit us at an upcoming Sangfor event! Also, look out for more on our series of Network Security, Cloud Computing and Infrastructure Optimization inspirations from our most recent Sangfor Innovation Summit 2019.

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