What is Weaponized AI in Cyber Attacks

We watch daily as ransomware and cyber-attack become a common occurrence in todays world. Why is it on the rise? Besides the fact that many enterprises have been moving to the cloud without fully considering the implications of poor network security for their data, weaponized AI is becoming an increasingly popular supplement to more traditional attack types. While AI-attacks continue to gain strength, internet users are sharing more and more personal information with businesses on the internet, a veritable gold-mine of exposed and valuable information. AI is poised to be in our lives in a big way. It’s simply faster, more adaptable, and never gets tired or wants a paycheck. Let’s explore a few of the ways AI is being weaponized for cyber-attack, and how we can use AI to defend ourselves and our businesses.

How is AI Weaponized for Cyber Attack?

Cybercrime costs the globe $1 trillion USD in 2021, becoming part of the GDP with 1%. So it’s no surprise that this success has been put in hyper-drive by AI and machine learning, which are both widely in use in the network security industry, and just as widely used in the cyber attack business. AI is being weaponized to meet and surpass network security experts, who see primarily two types of AI-centric attacks.

Input Attacks are the manipulation of information fed into the AI system to trick it into serving the attackers ultimate goals. By manipulating the input, attackers are able to mould the output to their purposes.

Poisoning Attacks are the process of corrupting an AI system to malfunction in a way that makes an attack easier to execute. One process is to feed corrupted data to the AI platform to corrode it from the inside out.

How can AI prevent Cyber Attack?

As frightening as weaponized AI is, AI also has the power to prevent cyber-attack. Offensive AI is being widely adopted due to its highly-customizable, fast and powerful proactive defensive functions. The right AI solution will work with every network security solution on the network to track threats when they first enter your network, follow the attack chain and shut down the attack before it becomes a problem for your system.

Detection must be sophisticated, encompassing all areas of the network where an attack might occur. AI can also prevent cyber-attack by simplifying the threat hunting process using analysis, logs and alerts. Finally, AI is proven to provide faster and more efficient response, blocking open ports, scanning for malware, stopping malicious processes, quarantining infected systems and even shutting down command and control (C&C) connections.

Sangfor Cyber Command Prevents Cyber Attack

With all the AI-powered cyber security solutions available today, it’s not enough to simply claim your solution will stop attacks, you must prove it. Sangfor Cyber Command is proven to provide excellent detection and response by monitoring the entire internal network for threat, correlating with othe r security solutions and controls, identifying the type of attack using AI-analysis and machine learning, all backed up with Sangfor’s global intelligence.

AI is being incorporated into every aspect of business, from HR and onboarding to customer service and finance – it’s important that it not be dismissed in the area of network security. The number of network security specialists in the world is woefully few, meaning AI might be our only hope of defending against AI-powered cyber-attack. Start planning your next steps toward total network security today with Sangfor Cyber Command, and take proactive steps to protect your business and customers.



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