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Cyber Command - Advanced Network Detection and Response (NDR) Tool

Cyber Threat Hunting

Cyber Command can be trusted to improve overall IT security and risk posture:

  • Significantly improves overall security detection and response capabilities by monitoring internal network traffic.
  • Correlating existing security events, applying AI and behavior analysis, all aided by global threat intelligence.
  • Uncovers breaches of existing security controls while impact analysis identifies hidden threats within the network.
  • Integrates network and endpoint security solutions so that it can respond to threats is automated and simplified.

Cyber Command 1


Advanced Network Detection and Response

Ransomware protection is necessary to stay safe from the network threats lurking on the internet. A good ransomware protection system includes both ransomware detection and cyber threat hunting, allowing it to identify threats early and eliminate them. This inspired us to develop Cyber Command, a next-generation, AI-driven Network Detection and Response platform that helps businesses identify threats and hunt them down. Cyber Command simplifies cyber forensics by using 100% visibility and easy integration while providing comprehensive threat detection capabilities. This enables businesses to take immediate corrective actions when a threat is found and provides a thorough network traffic analysis that will give a better understanding of why the attack took place.

Business Benefits of Sangfor Cyber Command

  • Empower your Security Team
    Empower your Security Team
    Giving your team a tool with 100% visibility lets your team detect that 1% which no other tools can find out. This holistic view of the entire network gives total control to your security team for cyber threat detection.
  • Elevate your Brand Reputation
    Elevate your Brand Reputation
    When your organization is protected from data breaches, your stakeholders remain happy, your customers become worry-free, and you will get more investors all while building a better future for the world.
  • Focus on your Core Business
    Focus on your Core Business
    NDR allows you to focus on your main business goals by taking care of network security issues. Cyber Command helps your company grow faster by handling your security concerns.
  • Win under any situations
    Win under any situations
    You are in safe hands. Being ransomware-free allows you to focus on your core business. You will be able to win under any circumstance without having to worry about network attacks.

Cyber Command Stops Threats, Breaches and Ransomware Attacks

Intelligent Threat Hunting and Response

Cyber Command is an intelligent threat detection and response platform that significantly improves security detection, network threat detection, threat hunting and response capabilities.


Whiteboard Video on Sangfor Cyber Command: What is Network Detection and Response (NDR)


Only Cyber Command can Easily Detect, Mitigate and Stop Threats in Advance. 



Gartner says, “Applying machine learning and other analytical techniques to network traffic is helping enterprises detect suspicious traffic that other security tools are missing.”. That’s why we built Cyber Command – a threat hunting tool to make network security traffic analysis simple.

Leave no gaps for attackers.

Sangfor Cyber Command finds network anomalies way before the attack happens. You are under total control. The full visibility of your network leaves no place to hide for attackers. Get your sniper ready to hunt threats.


A Smart NDR Security Product that Protects you 24x7

What's Unique about Cyber Command?

The future of threat hunting

threat hunting visibility

100% visibility E/W and N/S Traffic

A huge blind spot in most organization is the inability to see threats that spread laterally across the network. Cyber Command monitors, analyzes and visualizes East/West traffic as well as North/South traffic. You now have the fastest and most efficient way to find threats across your cloud, data center, enterprise network, and IoT devices.
Uncover All Traffic
Threat Hunting Detection

Detect the 1%

There are more than 500,000 new malware variants created daily, and while your existing security solutions may be able to block 99% of them, there are still thousands of new malware variants that can bypass your security devices and cause damage. You now have the power to detect that 1%.
Start Detecting
threat hunting using ai

AI vs AI

Cyber attackers have weaponized advanced Artificial Intelligence technology in malware. Traditional security products have rudimentary behavior-based threat detection functions which cannot keep up with new threats. Cyber Command has multiple AI behavior analysis models that help you defeat sophisticated AI attacks.
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Features and Capabilities

Sophisticated Detection

Sophisticated Detection

The Cyber Command Analysis Center collects a broad range of network and security data including North-South and East-West traffic data, logs from network gateways and EDRs, decodes it using network applications like DNS or mail, and applies AI analysis to uncover undesirable behavior. As Cyber Command is paired with threat intelligence, attacks on all levels of the attack chain are detected, meaning faster alerts to exploitation attempts, slow brute force attacks, C&C activities, lateral movements, P2P traffic, and data theft. 

Faster and More Efficient Response

Faster and More Efficient Response

The Cyber Command Response Center provides a broad range of attack investigation experience, all presented visually within the attack chain. Threat mitigation is prioritized based on the criticality of the at-risk business assets. Combined with Sangfor Endpoint Secure and NGAF, Cyber Command provides flexible and effective mitigation in a timely manner, offering recommendations for policy or patching, endpoint correlation, and network correlation. 

Simplify Threat Hunting

Simplify Threat Hunting

Cyber Command helps security administrators to perform comprehensive impact analysis of known breaches and to track “patient zero,” by evaluating all possible points of entrance. Cyber Command’s unique “Golden Eye” feature studies the behavior of compromised assets like inbound and outbound connections and usage of ports and protocols, and uses this valuable information to strengthen external and internal system defenses. 

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