Sangfor Featuring Gartner Report on Network Detection and Response:



Sangfor works closely with customers and IT analyst firms like Gartner®, to develop new products and improve their already stellar offering of security, cloud computing and infrastructure solutions. Based on the research and analysis of hundreds of ransomware/malware incident response service customers, Sangfor has released a detailed whitepaper that explains how Sangfor Cyber Command uses purpose-built AI models to combat weaponized AI used in new malware.
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Tested and Proven Again: Sangfor NGAF Endorsed by ICSA Labs in 2021


Sangfor adds another success milestone! Sangfor NGAF Next-Generation Firewall is tested and proven for a second consecutive year by ICSA Labs. ICSA has provided independent, third-party product analysis for end-users and enterprises for over 30 years. Sangfor products assure the highest level of security for customers to stay safe and work with confidence by eliminating cybersecurity threats such as ransomware.
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Gigabyte Ransomware Attack & Data Leak Threat


Gigabyte, a computer motherboard and component manufacturer known for their graphics cards, data center servers, laptops and even monitors, was recently hit hard by the RansomEXX ransomware group, who stole 112GB of data then threatened to publish it. Their operations continue, but data is at risk of being up for sale on the darkweb, with samples already spotted.
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What are EDR Tools | 5 Best Open-Source EDR Tools | Sangfor Endpoint Secure


More than 350,000 Malware variants are released each day. How do you protect yourself? Endpoint Detection and Response is the solution. What are EDR tools and how do they protect you? The global EDR market is steadily growing due to the need for extended network security detection and response capabilities. Explore the 5 best open-source EDR tools on the web, or upgrade to extended endpoint detection and response protection with Sangfor Endpoint Secure!
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7 Reasons Why Hybrid Cloud is the Future of Cloud Computing


Businesses are looking for easier, faster and safer IT, and hybrid cloud promises to be the very future of cloud computing. It’s offering business of all sizes the opportunity to spread out, explore new markets, and roll with the remote work trend – among countless other benefits. Let’s explore 7 reasons hybrid cloud will continue to dominate!
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Get Ready for HCI: Characteristics of a Digital Transformation


Digital Transformation comes in many forms such as Process, Business Model, Domain, and Cultural Transformation - with hybrid cloud-enabled HCI among them. Let’s explore a few characteristics of digital transformation and how hyperconverged infrastructure HCI lays the groundwork for future digitization.
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