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Sangfor_Driving Hyper Convergence to Fully Converged

Hyperconverged Infrastructure from Sangfor

Sangfor HCI (Hyper-Converged Infrastructure) is the new generation of cloud IT architecture that is built on the innovative 3rd generation, hyper-converged infrastructure platform. By converging compute, storage, networking and security on a single software stack, Sangfor HCI provides a 1-stop software-defined data centre solution which is extremely simplified in architecture, ultimately reliable for business-critical applications and dramatically easy to use in management.


Features & Benefits of a Hyperconverged Solution

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0 RPO & 99.99% Availability

  • Native HA
  • Integrated backup & CDP
  • Multi-copy data redundancy
  • Optimized for critical apps

50% Higher IOPS than Peers

  • Data striping
  • SSD caching & tier-ing
  • Data locality
  • AI-based DB optimization

One IT Platform to Manage ALL

  • Fully converged
  • Unified management
  • Resource visualization
  • Automation & orchestration with SCP

Product Models

Sangfor HCI Product Model

  • Sangfor HCI aServer appliance for easy and quick deployment
  • Sangfor HCI software + 3rd party server for flexible deployment


What is hyperconverged software? 

Otherwise known as Hyperconverged infrastructure (or commonly shortened to HCI), hyperconverged software is a unified system of data storage. As opposed to a traditional system, hyperconverged software combines storage, computing, networking, and management all under one roof.

What can you do with hyperconverged software? 

Hyperconverged systems have many uses - here are three of the most common.

  • #1 - Build your own private cloud
  • #2 - Extend to a public cloud
  • #3 - Achieve a true hybrid cloud

What are the advantages of hyperconverged systems? 

Here are some advantages of hyperconverged solutions.

  • Eliminating silos
  • Lower costs (OPEX and CAPEX)
  • No sacrifice in security
  • Increased flexibility
  • Components can be implemented separately
  • Designed for scalability
  • Simplifies your entire operation 


Can hyperconverged software solutions help make my IT team more efficient? 

  • Yes. By combining all of your storage under one roof, you can eliminate bottlenecks in your operation, and significantly lower the OPEX and CAPEX of your infrastructure.

How can I learn more information about hyperconverged vendors and solutions?

  • To learn more about how HCI vendors like Sangfor can help make your IT simpler, more secure, and more valuable, reach out to us today.   
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