Customer Overview is China’s largest online retailer and overall retailer, offering Chinese customers the best online shopping experience, as a member of the Global Fortune 500.

JD Logistics, a business group under, leverages the company’s advanced technology and logistics expertise to provide smart supply chain and logistics services to businesses, across a wide range of industries. has one of the largest fulfillment infrastructures of any E-commerce company in the world. It leverages a network of over 900 warehouses under the JD Logistics Open Warehouse Platform. is able to deliver 90% of orders, next-day with JD Logistics, a rate of fulfillment that no other E-commerce company of similar scale can match.

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Business expanded quickly, eventually achieving 10,000 delivery sites.

  • To improve business efficiency and reduce costs, unified and standardized management all sites became an important company strategy.
  • The experience of core business systems like QingLong and WMS requires a higher quality network.
  • Delivery sites were becoming a security weakness for the whole company.

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Sangfor Solution

Sangfor SIER:

  • Every delivery site connected to one SIER device
  • Embedded LTE as a backup link
  • Embedded WIFI for all sites and user authentication based on MAC or Radius
  • VPN technology encrypts internet data transmission
  • Hardware identification
  • User behavior and URL filtering

Data Center:

  • 2 high-level devices deployed with high availability (HA) in both the data center and disaster recovery center.
  • 1 Sangfor Central Manager solution deployed to centralize management and operation for all sites

Solution Values

  • An all-in-one solution reduces hardware costs in end sites (Router, WIFI, VPN, Firewall)
  • Data transmission and user access internet security
  • Prevent unauthorized device access to the VPN network
  • Multi-WAN backup guarantees business availability
  • Reduce deployment cost and cycle
  • No IT staff required for onsite support
  • Deploy 1000 sites per one month
  • Improve the efficiency of management and operation

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