Sangfor Incident Response Team

We understand the struggles of knowing what to do and managing the situation when under attack. Our First Responder team is backed with experiences from having over 5000+ manhours in IR, frequently performing malware discoveries, and the latest TTPs. Such motivated team culture serves as our fundamentals to successfully completed almost 250+ cases.

Sangfor Incidence Response Team

First, We find the fingerprints through activity logs left by the attacker pointing to the root cause. The fingerprints reconstruct the flow of events and exploits used. We then build a remediation plan for you to prevent future attacks.

Our report includes a realistic remediation and approach, hidden cyber gaps, and sharing industry best practices relevant to you. We also provide follow-up activities to find any residual or persistent malware after the investigation has been concluded to keep you answerable to the stakeholders and continue your sleepless nights from a cyber compromised scenario.

Incident Response Key Investigation Approaches


Initial Attack Vector Identification

Preliminary insights on the attack gives an idea what was done and used. Management could plan the next necessary steps to contain further spread and secure critical IT assets.


Indicator of Compromise (IoC) and Malware Analysis

The IoC narrows down and allows customers to focus on eradicating the malicious file. The malware analysis output helps you to understand the behaviour and nature of the malware used.


Chain of Attacks Determination

Recreating the attack map executed by the hacker provides an overview and identifies other potential motives and targets that may not be considered.


Other Cyber Risks Exposure

We also identify and assess other indirect and unforeseen cyber control gaps that can be enhanced to keep your security posture stronger.

Sangfor Strength


Only professionally trained Incident Responder is assigned to each investigation request. Our team has conducted almost 250 IR investigations and clocked in more than 5000 manhours, including recent Global Events. Among others to fit your needs are:

  • Forensic teams deployed globally
  • AI modeling used for threat analysis and threat hunting



Recognising physical visits isn't ideal with the current endemic, our team can be deployed with minimal travel and expense costs in mind. We have an initiative allowing to complete the end-to-end investigation without requiring Sangfor resources onsite unless requested.


We Listen

The best fit is bespoke and tailored one. We've invested additional time and effort to design an IR investigation based on the customer's success criteria and topped with customer remediation planning as follows:

  • Encourage the customer to participate in all planning and remediation activities.
  • Follow-up activities to find any residual or persistent malware to verify the completeness of investigations and keep you worriless.


Sangfor IR Anti Ransomware Solution Animation

Sangfor Incident Response services are a flexible, fast, and powerful way to shut down cyber-attack and prevent it from happening again. Find out more and see a common use case for Sangfor IR services in this funny video!

What is Incident Response
What is Incident Response

Monitoring Residual Persistence with NDR

Our proprietary Network Detection Response (NDR) tool helps to monitor persistence malwares, residual security events and future potential compromises in your network. Our NDR solution are coupled with Threat Intelligence and AI algorithm to keep you updated with latest vulnerabilities and threats attempts.


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