Our Strategic Approach to Security Services


Seasoned Professionals

Human intelligence working with Sangfor AI models identifies and evaluates the actual risks affecting you, providing better recommendations tailored to your needs.


Proven Processes

Cyber Guardian Security Services uses vetted industry-leading processes based on international standards and cybersecurity frameworks.


Refined & Streamlined Technology

Sangfor's AI-based security solutions bring shorter mean-time-to-detection (MTTD) and mean-time-to-reponse (MTTR) which minimizes the damage from cyberattacks.

Managed Detection Response

Leveraging the power of advanced technology, extensive experience and proven methodologies, MDR continuously guards Your environment against security threats while increasing Your cybersecurity resiliency.

cyber guardian service

Incident Response (IR)

Sangfor IR finds the breadcrumbs left by the attacker pointing to the root cause. The breadcrumbs reconstruct the flow of events and exploits used. We then build a remediation plan for You to prevent future attacks.

Incident Response


TIARA resolves security concerns with Cyber Command, our AI-based network detection response (NDR) solution. Cyber Command identifies network threats through a one-time assessment.