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The World is Glitchy: Video Conferencing is Solid

The business world will look back on the time before 2020 as a more personal time. Face to face meetings, handshakes, lunches and brunches and dinners and drinks were once the foundation where we constructed our relationships, partnerships, customers, decisions and sales.

Social Isolation in 2020

COVID-19 has spread like wildfire across the globe, while actual wildfires rage in Australia the Amazon and California, and Puerto Rican earthquakes topple buildings. Earthquakes, hurricanes, disease, tornados, cyclones, tsunami, floods and civil unrest have become almost second page news. We are no longer shaking hands, sharing food and drink, meeting in groups, and most of us aren’t traveling domestically or internationally. Many of us are no longer traveling to, or for work. Enter a very intense revival of the video conference.
Owl Labs recent “State of Video Conferencing” study found that over 50% of video conference users wasted 10 minutes per meeting on set-up and starting meetings, while 17% of users noted that the start-up of meetings was the most problematic time. Regardless, 96% of respondents were completely convinced that video conferencing improves communication and connectedness of remote employees.

The Problem

Most video conferencing slowdown directly correlates with bandwidth shortage. Apps using the network compete with each other for bandwidth. If your video conferencing system isn’t able to procure enough bandwidth, you won’t get a stable connection between locations.

Link quality is a second important factor in successful or unsuccessful video conferencing. In reaching a packet loss rate of above 3% and latency of above 200ms, the video will surely have glitches and lags.

The Solution

Sangfor SD-WAN guarantees video conferencing bandwidth by prioritizing video conferencing traffic and reducing network traffic by as much as 90%, ensuring a smooth connection for video conferences.

SD-WAN’s forward error correction (FEC) link optimization dramatically reduces the packet loss rate to provide lag and glitch-free video.

Those with multiple WAN links can use SD-WAN to enable dynamic path selection, ensuring your video conferencing link will find the least congested channel without packet loss, latency or jitter.
Why Sangfor?

Sangfor sees real world solutions to modern problems.

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