Sangfor is one of the best SD-WAN vendors, providing a next generation network congestion solution for enterprises. It improves the ability of any HQ office to easily operate & maintain its branches and improve the branch user experience. This innovative solution can satisfy the requirements of different size offices with integrated dynamic path selection, application acceleration and bandwidth management.

These three core technologies are necessary to provide the best user experience and a highly efficient intranet. Branch devices can also be quickly deployed online via the zero-touch feature and the HQ IT team can orchestrate branch IT with full visualization of the operation & centralized management to reduce deployment time and save high OPEX.

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Product Advantages

Easy Deployment

- Supports multiple deployment mode to satisfy different networking requirements with no significant network adjustment
- Zero-touch rapid deployment, reducing costs and downtime
- Auto-VPN connectivity without any branch device configuration

Centralized Management

- Unified policy updates and easy O&M
- Large screen map display of branches, VPN status and full network status
- Centralized alerts decrease business risk 

WAN Optimization

- Smooth video conferencing
- Boosting WAN performance
- Rapid reduction of bandwidth cost

Granular Traffic Management

- 2900+ identified apps database with 10+ million URL library
- Compliance for user behaviour
- Higher user work efficiency
- Maximize bandwidth value

Deploy NFV On-Demand

- All NFV components are Sangfor R&D-developed for unified management and one-stop service
- Pay-As-You-Grow
- One-click generation of network topography

Powerful Overall Solutions

- One-stop solution for SD-WAN, cloud computing and network security
- Centralized management of all Sangfor network devices on one platform
- Multi-component linkage enhances performance, efficiency and security

Scenario Solutions

Multiple Office Requirements

Many large branches or small head offices deal with a limited IT budget but require complex IT construction features, making it difficult for one device to satisfy all requirements. The innovative Sangfor SD-WAN supports customer NFV deploy-on demand, pay-as-you-grow and minimizes IT construction costs.

Centralized O&M

Many companies minimize operational costs by not employing an internal IT team, choosing instead to work with a 3rd-party service provider. These providers often manage multiple customers simultaneously, while a centralized management solution is what is really needed. The Sangfor SD-WAN centralized management platform supports multi-level administrators managing different regions, different devices, and provides unified policy updates, centralized alerts and full network visualization features to simplify operation & management.

Network Upgrades

Business growth is often accompanied by network congestion, poor user experience and weak internet WAN links. As the number of users and apps increase, bandwidth becomes limited and with a single point of failure for WAN links, growing businesses are at serious risk of interruption. The Sangfor SD-WAN solution upgrades your network to an environment capable of supporting a combination of WAN links while transforming your network to SD-WAN with no significant network changes and immediate availability. WAN optimization and comprehensive traffic management mean that Sangfor SD-WAN improves user application experience and maximizes available bandwidth.

Large-Scale Network Connectivity

When organizations amass a certain number of branches or stores, difficult and cost for O&M increased rapidly. The Sangfor SD-WAN solution simplifies deployment and management, minimizes the deployment cycle and OPEX, and provides one centralized platform capable of managing all Sangfor network devices and providing full network visualization for all branches

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