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Monthly Newsletter: Sangfor Unveils New Products Technologies at its Virtual Summit




On October 20th 2020, 2,800+ registered C-Level IT executives and decision makers and IT leaders from various industries attended 20+ live keynote & breakout sessions, visited 12 virtual booths and witnessed two innovative product launches – Sangfor SIER and Sangfor Access. The Sangfor Virtual Summit 2020 platform will stay open until 20th November. Feel free to browse through our exhibition halls and view the on-demand presentations from the Summit, as well as download any materials relevant to your business.
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Sangfor Technologies Inc. Joins the VMware Technology Alliance Partner Program
October 21, 2020 — Sangfor Technologies Inc. announced it has joined the VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program at the standard partnership level. Members of the TAP program collaborate with VMware to deliver innovative solutions for virtualization and cloud computing. The diversity and depth of the TAP ecosystem provides customers with the flexibility to choose a partner with the right expertise to satisfy their unique needs.
Is Ransomware-as-a-Service as Easy as Advertised?
In a recent exploration of Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS), Sangfor introduced you to Dharma, a ransomware designed for the layman who can’t resist wreaking technological havoc, but doesn’t have the coding skills to follow through. Ransomware is available as a service now, but how hard is it really to use and how can your organization protect against these new threats?
How Important is Incident Response?
We all know how cyber-threat is experience yet another renaissance as it learns to monetize and exploit COVID-19. According to a set of frightening statistics from Trend Micro in early 2020, there were 907k spam messages, 737 malware samples and 48k hits on malicious URL’s, all related to COVID-19. The top location for spam and malware detection is the United States – and as any USA resident knows, phones, email addresses and text messages have been monopolized by spammers and scammers – to the point answering the phone is no longer an option.
HCI Bridges the Needs-Gap Through the Pandemic and Beyond
We are all just waiting to see how everything comes out in the wash after the pandemic tapers off and leaves us in our new normal. How will travel, the job market or schools look in the future? How will our daily lives and habits changes? With our total reliance on the digital world to communicate, work and even order food, what impact will this have on businesses when regulations lift and we can move freely again?