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  • 31 Jul 2019

Sangfor aDesk: Seamless, Safe & Affordable Desktop & Application Virtualization

Sangfor Technologies is proud to announce the release of Sangfor aDesk, 5.4.0, their newest, most innovative and secure end-to-end platform, designed for flexible deployment and management in any industry. Sangfor’s aDesk solution boasts the expanded functionality of private & shared desktops and application virtualization – an all-in-one package designed to satisfy, secure and support any client or end-user.


Sangfor aDesk 5.4.0 Webinar

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TCO Comparison - Sangfor aDesk vs. Traditional PC

Sangfor aDesk VDI for Education

Sangfor aDesk VDI for Manufacturing

VDI has done from cutting-edge conceptual to necessary for every organization, institution and key vertical globally. As virtualization continues to generate revenue through data analytics and applications as well as enhancing productivity, security and flexibility, VDI is finally having its day in the sun. Sangfor aDesk, to be released in August 2019, will offer the diversified safety and flexibility of a virtual solution for all industries, while simultaneously lowering the total cost of ownership and operation – making VDI solutions more widely accessible to all organizations committed to virtualization and growth.

Application Virtualization
Mobile devices have become as deeply integrated into daily life as into business, requiring employees to access critical business systems anywhere, at any time. Sangfor aDesk was developed with a focus on making the user experience more reliable, flexible and productive. By providing constant, secure access to business systems for branches, traveling employees or remote workers, Sangfor aDesk will take organizations to the next level of productivity by:
•    Restricting & controlling data storage on local devices
•    Supplying secure, authenticated access to all critical company applications and data 24/7
•    Providing multi-platform support (i.e. thin client, PC, iPad, iPhone and Android)
•    Requiring only basic network requirements with no need to expand bandwidth or purchase a private line

Affordable Solution
Sangfor aDesk offers flexible and fast deployment as well as a one-time investment – freeing customers from costly updates, upgrades and purchase of new, and costly PC’s. By delivering security, availability, speed and flexibility through VDI, Sangfor aDesk saves organizations money by providing:
•    Low-cost hardware
•    HTML 5 website redirection
•    A uniquely powerful CPU solution
•    Easy management for large computer clusters in complex environments (i.e. Universities, SMB’s and global organizations.)

Management & Security
Cyber-crime continues to be a lucrative business, with at least $1.5 Trillion in profits per year.  aDesk security and management functions go well beyond those of a traditional secure web gateway, providing centralized management which allows for advanced data protection and security risk visibility as well as reducing the risk of potential cyber-attack, downtime or other financial loss by:
•     Providing dual screen support for PC agents
•     Enabling multiple active desktops in single window
•     Supporting easy & fast endpoint policy settings
•     Providing flexible administrator access in different levels, groups and scenarios