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BMKG Indonesia

Customer Background

BMKG as a provider of data and information services related to meteorology, climatology, air quality and geophysics, data and information. The increasing public demand for weather information, climate, air quality and earthquakes, increasing number of users of information services needs reports for visible, fast, accurate and easy understanding and data storage, information systems in BMKG become the main points.

Customer Challenges

  1. Bandwidth Management: Bandwidth unbalance and low traffic efficiency
  2. System Optimization: Not good optimization of IP service in the BMKG communication network system
  3. Network Protection: Lack of well-protected methods to ensure the security in information system
  4. Budget Consideration: High cost of Palo Alto and Check Point

Values of Sangfor NGAF

  1. Bandwidth Management: Provides a priority level in traffic management for data exchange in information system without checking each server or system one by one
  2. Report Analysis: Provides an intuitive and visible report for security and bandwidth status
  3. Cost Saving: Offers a competitive price 

BMKG Indonesia 2