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MOH (Ministry of Health)

Customer Overview

The Ministry of Health (Malay: Kementerian Kesihatan), abbreviated MOH, is a ministry of the Government of Malaysia responsible for health systems, healthy behaviour, cancer, public health, health management, medical research, health systems research, respiratory medicine, health promotion, healthcare tourism, medical devices, blood collection, leprosy control, clinical research, dental care, health institutions, laboratories, pharmaceuticals and patient safety.

Business Pain-Points

When new applications were added, the old server couldn’ t handle the resources. Purchase of a new physical server was required, and as a result, the cost of expansion increased. There were 12 sites that needed to do deployment and MOH wanted to centralize the management of all 12 sites into one single management console. Additionally, the old server infrastructure design failed to meet the latest reliability standards and lacked high availability. MOH wanted to have a flexible solution for future storage expansion. Finally, backup storage was required, to store data outside the production server.

Benefits of Sangfor aCloud Solution

Ministry of Health 2