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Product Overview

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Sangfor Intelligent Edge Router (SIER)

The rapid development of internet, traffic, and applications requires many companies to commit to digital transformation to remain competitive in their respective industries. Many companies prefer to open new branches to quickly penetrate market shares, meaning a new solution is needed to support digital transformation and cater to future network needs.

Sangfor Intelligent Edge Router (SIER) is an important component of Sangfor SD-WAN, that integrates zero-touch provisioning, centralized management, intelligent path selection, user behaviour and bandwidth management, WIFI, and 3G and 4G in a single solution. SIER lets companies simplify operation and management, improves business availability and user experience, and reduces hardware and bandwidth costs.


Normal WAN

@20% Packet Loss


Enhanced by Jet-Engine

@ 20% Packet Loss

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19 Jul 2021