Nov 02, 2023 16:00 GMT +8

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The Future of Endpoint Security is Brighter Against Ransomware

Ransomware attacks are still on the rise globally and all businesses are at risk. 70% of businesses will suffer one or more ransomware attacks in the next year. Small businesses are especially at risk as many do not have sufficient security protection against APTs like ransomware.

Sangfor Endpoint Secure is the Future of Endpoint Security, and that future is now brighter for businesses of all sizes. Endpoint Secure has innovations designed to protect against all types of ransomware. With a combination of static and dynamic AI-based behavioral detection, Sangfor Endpoint Secure blocks and kills all ransomware in as little as 3 seconds. While we offer best-in-class protection, we know that prevention is the best effort. With 350K new malware samples every day, we must assume we’ve already been breached. Hence innovations in Endpoint Secure include restoration of files and even systems affected by ransomware, ensuring zero data loss and minimal downtime.

Endpoint Secure does not just innovate protection, but asset management as well to better meet organizational operations and compliance requirements while reducing TCO. Improved XDDR integration with Network Secure closes security gaps that APTs exploit by providing accurate and effective closed-loop detection and response unmatched by any other solution today.

Discover how easy-to-use and lightweight Sangfor Endpoint Secure protects Your business against APTs and ransomware, simplifies asset management, and improves compliance all from a single pane of glass, on-premises or in the cloud.

The Future of Endpoint Security is Brighter Against Ransomware

Speaker: Alvin Kua

Alvin is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Endpoint Secure. He has over 13 years of experience in the IT and Cybersecurity industries and has held various roles in Product Management and Product Marketing. Accumulating his experiences from security vendors and service providers, Alvin focuses on delivering solutions that address the needs of the clients and helps them bridge their gaps and challenges.