According to latest IDC 2018 report "Worldwide Quarterly Converged Systems Tracker", the development of the hyper-converged infrastructure market globally continues. In the fourth quarter of 2018 the converged systems revenue grew 14.8% YOY to 4.15B USD. Hyper-converged Infrastructure has gradually become the preferred mainstream construction for enterprises building private clouds. Large enterprises like AWS and Microsoft Azure Cloud are also launching one-piece machines based on hyper-converged infrastructure.

According to the "China HCI Market Key Vendor Analysis – 2018", the market share for Sangfor ranks second in the hyper-converged software market for China, with a market share of 17.4%. In the overall market share of hyper-converged software and hardware, Sangfor ranks in the top three, with a market share of 15.5%.

IDC Report Sangfor HCI ranks No2 in the Chinese Market 1

IDC Report Sangfor HCI ranks No2 in the Chinese Market 2

source: IDC 'China HCI Market Key Vendor Analysis, 2018'


The release of the China HCI Market Report and Global Market Report in 2018 is strong evidence showing that Sangfor has become widely recognized in the market. As a fast-growing innovative cloud computing vendor, Sangfor has ranked in the top three vendors in the market for three consecutive years, and its sales have continued to grow steadily. These achievements stem from Sangfor’s continuous innovation on HCI.

Focus on customer needs means continuous improvement in product strength
In early 2013, based on customers’ business needs, Sangfor achieved widespread delivery of compute virtualization, storage virtualization and network virtualization in its cloud computing product line. In 2015, Sangfor integrated security into cloud computing and launched their first hyper-converged products. From 2016 to 2018, Sangfor HCI focused on supporting Oracle RAC, and invested heavily in improving the performance and stability of its existing products. Most recently, Sangfor has consistently improved its simple, stable and high-performance products to meet customers’ private cloud, managed cloud and hybrid cloud needs.
1. Simplified
Sangfor HCI is based on deep optimization and decoupling of the infrastructure, allowing users to expand smoothly from three servers. It can also be upgraded to branch cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud as business changes. It not only simplifies users’ operation and maintenance management, but also simplifies the planning of IT from the perspective of business and strategy, allowing users to migrate their business to the cloud and continue to evolve.
2. Stable
A visualized reliability center allows the system to automatically discover end-to-end reliability issues and potential risks. Active-active cluster technology based on HCI launched this year (2019) allows users to build the highest service reliability center at the lowest cost. At the same time, cooperation of underlying disk sub-health detection and automatic isolation repair has the potential to take the stability of the hyper-converged system to a higher plane.
3. High performance
Innovative data striping, combined with read-write localization and aggregated copy technology, enables the ultimate performance of SSD + HDD. The maximum performance of three nodes can reach up to 440,000 IOPS, 30% higher than the world's leading international vendors, accelerating business-critical systems.

In addition, Sangfor also integrates its own safe DNA into HCI. The hyper-converged aCloud platform not only meets the high security requirements of confidential virtualization from the platform level, but also supports the virtual deployment of a full range of security devices, easily protecting users from platform to tenant.


Thanks to customer and partners’ long-term support and encouragement of cloud computing, Sangfor achieved rapid growth in the government, medical, financial and other industries in 2018.

Sangfor has more than 4,000 users of hyper-convergence as of 2019 in the cloud computing market. Sangfor has cumulatively delivered more than 60,000 devices, of which the proportion of key business carrying users exceeded 60%. In the future, Sangfor cloud computing will continue to focus on the intelligent transformation of various industries, and provide customers with more simplified, stable and high-performance cloud services.


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